Our Mission & Purpose

Afromerica is a social-spiritual think tank organized for the purpose of educating and empowering Black America. We analyze social issues and apply spiritual solutions that help the Black mind break free from the strongholds of social oppression.


Afromerica is an outreach of Angry Moon Productions. The Afromerica Domain is Black Owned and Operated.

Services Include: Information Outreach | News Analysis | Tech Solutions

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Our Content

The commentary on Afromerica are opinion pieces based on biblical and social theory, grounded in common sense and the truths of natural law, but not to be interpreted as fact. The Afro Times articles are independent analysis of current news stories and world events. Please verify all information using general research and statistics.

Contact Info

Contact us only by email, thank you:

Email us at: email@crhoffice.com

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You can sponsor Afromerica by donating to us for the purpose of supporting our campaigns. Contact us via email for how to donate.

We do not believe in regularly soliciting money. If you believe in our causes, then you will support us.

Below are three causes that Afromerica actively support and are currently engaged in fighting. If either of these causes are ones that you would like to support, then please donate so we can continue the campaigns.

Our Movements

  1. The School-to-Prison Pipeline - Free to Learn Project
  2. Military Blackout Movement - Learn More
  3. Freeing Black America from social oppression - The Gospel of Liberation