Thu July 10 2014

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Sound Doctrine Ministry

The calling of Sound Doctrine Ministry is to create leaders under the discipleship of Jesus Christ. The overall goal is to fulfill the work of God by the saving of souls through the new birth.

1Downsm (72K)

Free To Learn Project

The Free To Learn Project is an awareness campaign organized to inform the general public about the current school-to-prison pipeline taking shape in the local community school systems.

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Rich Radio

The Rich Radio web-front in a streaming Internet Radio station providing music, news and information to the general community.

AAMF Counseling

The African American Marriage and Family Counseling Ministry is sponsored by City Ministry as an outreach to African American couples and families.

Macktown Novels

Macktown is a problem-child city that was intentionally cut off from and forgotten by general society as an example to other cities.

Music By 1 Down

The Neo-soul sounds of Richmond, VA come through the music of 1 Down, a young talent rising from urban roots to move the people. Purchase the latest CDs HERE.

Discussion Forums

Discussion boards are for those who want to discuss spiritual growth, bible topics, and life in general.

City Ministry

City Ministry reaches out in many different directions to many people using various outreach programs.

Give to the Ministry

JC Productions was established in 2000 as a Government non-profit 501c3 organization.


Afromerica the Book (9K)

Afromerica The Book

Black Minds Across America

A collection of empowering articles from various Black authors and writers. Never have so few said so much to so many.


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Macktown Novels

The Hood and Humphrey Lawson

Macktown is a problem-child city that was intentionally cut off from general society as an example to other cities.



A Defense Against False Prophets and Doctrine

Learn the way of salvation, the power of love and truth, how to prepare your soul for the second coming of Christ.


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