The Conspiracy Theory Cult Lack Spiritual Insight

Common knowledge dictates that when a person does not believe in something, they will believe in anything. This concept is the foundation of the conspiracy theorists' thinking. Without a basic set of principles or a blueprint for natural life, people will succumb to and believe in any and everything fed to their minds.

The laws of nature are fundamental in building a set of principles and being guided by a blueprint for natural life. There is a reason for everything, which either stems from the elements of natural law or is the result of some man-made design. The ability to know the difference draws the line between truth and conspiracy. Nature has a mind of its own but sometimes reacts to the intrusions of man. Likewise, human nature reacts to both also.

For example, hurricanes by nature are the result of changing wind cycles mixed with temperature fluctuations, but some believe they are the result of government manipulation of the weather. In a conspiracy theorists' mind they have dismissed the laws of nature and chosen to believe it is man, yet there is actually no explanation that would prove the difference.

Science fiction movies, exaggerated tales of unknown phenomenon and unexplained consequences that deceive the human mind have replaced common sense reasoning and a desire to truly understand nature. It has caused the human mind to become lazy in understanding nature and life by making it easier to believe in theories that are manufactured by man; creating a society almost too dangerous to live. Take this medication instead of seeking a natural, earth-grown cure.

A real-life example would be when the teenager killed young kids at an elementary school. A known conspiracy theorist claimed that it was a theatrically staged event with actors and a plot. Instead of facing the reality that maybe there is a socially mental problem with America's teenagers and the structure of the family. In other words, Hollywood is so powerful that there cannot possibly be something wrong with the way we raise our children.

Conspiracies cause people to reject the hard truths of reality and accept explanations that are basically impractical and against the laws of nature. Though the government and other highly organized alliances and secret societies have the technological and manufactured resources to create staged events, they lack the ability to override the laws of nature. Simply because they have the ability to deceive humanity does not mean they will succeed at deceiving all humanity.

The following events are examples of the difference between man-made designs and the workings of natural law:

Man-made designs:

  1. Military testing for world wars
  2. Space exploration and testing
  3. Population control and experimentation
  4. Technological experimentation on society
  5. Replacement of nature with scientific concoctions

Workings of natural law:

  1. Changing cycles of weather
  2. Migration and behavioral changes in animals over time
  3. Movement of the earth through space and its relation to the sun
  4. Shifting of the earth's core
  5. How humans evolve and adapt to the earth over time

Man-made designs and advancements undermine the laws of nature by forcing changes in how the earth reacts. The creation and activation of chemical bombs leave residue on the earth's surface and in the atmosphere which triggers a reaction from nature. The manipulation of chemically-based crop enhancements, corporate pollution of the oceans and other water supply, and the intrusion into wildlife habitation forces animals and vegetation to react to the intrusions in different ways.

Instead of acknowledging the change in nature, animal and human behavior because of man-made design, society accepts extreme scientific explanations by eliminating the concept of natural law, which equate to conspiracy theories. Another example is human health. People would rather believe that man has created illnesses instead of accepting the fact that humanity has had no choice but to adopt lifestyles that are dependent on man-made substitutes for nature.

Others choose to believe that there is no natural design or blueprint to life and that destiny is created by the individual. The problem with this thinking is embodied by a sense of narcissism and indifference to humanity altogether. They have resisted any concept of divine order or natural law and engulfed themselves in individualism with the height of their knowledge resting wholly on man's ability.

Therefore, people who have limited their knowledge of reality and natural law to man's ability cannot believe anything higher than what man is capable of. Anything man suggests as true or that man is able to do overrides anything nature openly shows. Instead of realizing the possibility of another dimension in nature, the conspiracy theorist can only perceive the fictional dimension created by man for them, via fictional imagery, mythology, and idolatry of man-made creations.

Spirituality is another dimension within itself and accessible only beyond the imagination of man. Man cannot invent spiritual realms and present them to the world; man can only discover the spiritual world and explain them to humanity. Experience with the spiritual world is the gift of divine intervention yet those who refuse the divine can never understand how natural law works, and will forever be submissive to man as the god of their reality.