Top 7 Reasons the white Media Loves to Humiliate Black Men, and How it Backfires

Here we go again. Somehow a virus from the other side of the world is disproportionately affecting Black men. It has passed over the entire world, killing Chinese, Italians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, and any other culture it can quietly infect, yet according to the white media, the viruses' sole purpose is to kill Black men at high rates. This is called projection.

Top 7 Reasons the white Media Loves to Humiliate Black Men, and How it Backfires

Everything happens to all people, not just Black men; but if the spot light can be turned away from their misdeeds, it covers their shame. It is no secret that this is the deepest subliminal fantasy for white folks. Therefore they have figured out a way to make it a headline in their propaganda-laced news media. The sad thing is they got Black folks reporting it like its no one else's problem.

Gone are the days when Black men would call out their hypocrisy, lies, and psychosis on live television; this is why they murdered Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. These men constantly pulled the curtain to reveal their magic. So to protect their image, they have made sure no other Black man has that kind of power ever again.

Since then they have sent in the clowns; hired Black media heads that berate defenseless Black men about their lifestyle choices and public behavior like Bill Cosby, Barrack Obama (who publically humiliated Black fathers on father's day), Kanye West, Ben Carson and the other sissified Black entertainers who play women in movies and who have turned their sons into girls on live television.

Notice that no Black men are given a public platform to defend against such attacks; they are ignored, undermined, or killed; and this is because of white shame and guilt. Well, in keeping with the white media's list-driven click-bait headline scheme, here are the top 7 reasons the white media loves to humiliate Black men, and how it backfires.