Drug Addiction is not a Disease; Mass Shootings are not Mental Illness

We cannot believe the lies being told to us by mass media or America's so-called scientist and social psychologist. These people are simply making excuses for unruly behavior caused by corporate irresponsibility.

Drug Addiction is not a Disease; Mass Shootings are not Mental Illness

The truth is drug addiction and mass murder is the result of consumers taking advantage of the two most dangerous products marketed to society; drugs and guns. These products are then used to act out in social rebellion, anger against life, leading to the downward spiral of social degradation.

If drug addiction were an actual disease; that would mean people could be born without a choice to any addiction. If mass murder was a mental illness, (which is a slow moving psychosomatic process of a brain dysfunction that develops overtime), it would be easily detected beforehand like most mental illnesses are, sometimes at birth; not suddenly in one day. No.

Drug addiction and mass killing are conscious choices made by an individual with perfectly functional mental faculties beforehand who eventually become obsessed or overly possessed with that particular habit or behavior. However, let us break each one down.

A person cannot be born with an addiction unless they were birthed to someone with that addiction. It naturally infects the baby while in the mother's womb. Furthermore, a child cannot be born addicted if only the father were an addict. That is common sense. Such as in the case of Opioids and crack cocaine which is manufactured by man.

Likewise, mass killing is a conscious decision based on a thought-out plot, preconceived plan, and literally considered by the killer. There is no chemical imbalance in the brain or toxins that cause the act of mass killings. By nature, most mass killings are the result of the anger and/or hatred felt by a socially isolated or derelict person.

Mass killers are upset about something and unfortunately, no one cared or even noticed their troubles. This is the result of an impersonal society; a society of people who are self-centered and uncompassionate. Only the closes person to the mass killers can probably see the signs, but there is no social authority that will take such a complaint seriously enough to do anything about it. Most government-funded or non-profit organizations setup for such problems is unprepared and unaware of how to actually solve the problems. They train for years and spend tax-payers money to research the problems but science is too impersonal to empathize with the human mind and emotions.

Instead of getting to the root of the problem as to why some guy just up and kills 50 people with a semi-automatic weapon; in fear of what they will actually discover, society oversteps that method and goes for the text book explanation. Criminal psychologist and the mass media gloss over what could possibly set someone off and chock it up to either mental illness or a new medical disease with a new age term.

The real problems effecting people are ones the average person experiences each day; such as powerlessness, frustration, stress, anger, heartbreak and pain or feelings of neglect, abandonment or hopelessness. However, science does not count these emotional stressors as credible and resort to more scientific terms and clinical labels, which are easier to identify and takes less actual work and mental energy.

The headlines describe the crime and it sets the scene and location and what the local or national authorities are doing about it; and usually they look into the suspect's background for any signs of mental illness or drug addiction, but the story never goes into detail as to what may have triggered them. Sometimes they find a note or manifesto written by the assailant and they will read a chosen line about his plan, but that is it. Most mass killers tell why they went off and many will go into detail and blame society, but society never takes responsibility and no changes are ever made.

Not to absolve the killer, but as mass shootings increase it shows a pattern and reflects the culture in which we live. Politics, social policy and race-culture have a lot to do with why people kill, breakdown, turn to drugs to escape reality and why people are currently talking so many medications. Common sense says that not everyone or the millions of people on medications are the problem, but at some point society has to look at itself as to the reason for the stressors. But the power structure or the mass media will never point to itself.

The concept of personal responsibility is a way for the power structure to absolve itself from the social ills and blame them on the individual. While drug companies push legal drugs into the consumer market; and while government drug enforcement agencies make deals with illegal drug cartels for drugs and guns, and while the mass media hide these truths from the public, the public is being blamed for these problems as problems of their own making.

Until the people rise up and demand the power structure take responsibility for the troubles in society, society will continue to erode and drug abuse and mass killings will continue to rise. And as they rise, more excuses will be made and more clinical terms will be applied. Addiction to drugs is because drugs are a real part of public life and mass killings are a problem because it takes guns to commit them. Drugs and guns are the responsibility of those who create them, not those who use them.