All the Curses on white Americas Justice System

This message is to all police officers and hateful whites who have killed Black men or women, or are conspiring to in the future; who have abused, beat, harassed or falsely accused or arrested people of color and gotten away with it by the court's consent;

All the Curses on white Americas Justice System

This message is to all police officers and hateful whites who have killed Black men or women, or are conspiring to in the future; who have abused, beat, harassed or falsely accused or arrested people of color and gotten away with it by the court's consent; to all Defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges and jurors who have participated in upholding the lies and excuses to cover for their racist hatred toward anyone not white. To all perjured persons, and false accusers of innocent people who justify police murders, arrest and imprisonment of Black people, the poor and defenseless, and to all bystanders and witnesses who support these fraudulent injustices by way of approval, praise, or public validation, the Word of God condemns you to a life of curses and eternal damnation; as the scripture reads: "whosoever loveth and maketh a lie." (Revelation 22:15).

Of course we know (Black America), as well as everyone else, that when police say - after they kill a black man - they feared for their life, they are telling a lie of biblical proportion. Or if they claim the suspect was defiant, uncooperative, resisting or fit the description, which led them to abuse or murder a person undeserving of death. These are all lies to justify abuse and murder, and lies used in court as a defense for their crime against the Black community and humanity all together. White folks are liars to a biblical degree. Because they have chosen to place their jobs and their hatred and racist mentalities above the laws of God and humanity, this message is a curse upon all those who have forsaken righteousness to follow after evil, murder and lying.

Cursed be all they who have made heroes of police officers and citizens who kill; and have called them to be idolized by the people: who have called on all the country to take favor in people who live violently and who kill the innocent.

Cursed be they who defile the communities of peoples who have caused no harm to them or their neighbors.

Cursed be they who devise oppressive systems that naturalize and hinder the poor from opportunity, prosperity and peace; who subvert whole houses and neighborhoods into places of poverty and social degradation.

Cursed be they who pervert the opinion of their peers and neighbors and who appoint liars to testify against the innocent, the poor, the fatherless and single mothers and widows.

Cursed be they who attack their neighbors in the mist of darkness while they sleep; who are cowards and attack the weak, the women, and children, all in the absence of the men.

Cursed be they who accept rewards and who receive gifts and commendations after they kill and defile those who have done no wrong.

Because you have abandoned the words and commandments of God and His instruction to love and be kind to your neighbors, and to strangers and to the poor, all these curses will come upon you and those who have committed these abominations against God.

Cursed are your dwellings in the cities and towns of the country. Cursed is your presence in the rural parts and plains of America.

Cursed are the goods you purchase from the market place and cursed is the health of your body and your children's bodies; cursed are your prospects for prosperity and any seeds you have sown for personal future wealth.

Cursed you are when you leave your home and all the while you are out among the population and cursed you are when you return to your home.

Everything you set your eyes to accomplished will be cursed by the Lord thy God from that day forward. You will feel the curse in your belly and in your gut and in your hearts and it will pain you and set your eyes as blind.

You will be chased by the angels of the Lord until you are consumed with grief and sadness and misery to a point of paranoia. Your nights will be sleepless and your days will be as the night. Your children and generations of your children and their children will suffer bitter nights and days of vexation to their spirits and souls.

Disease and pestilence will cleave to your bodies forever and you will not escape the pain; nor will your children or grandchildren, until the day there are no more left in your family or their kindred.

The disease will cleave unto you with a fever and with a loss of breath and with burning on your skin and inside your souls. You will be judged constantly by your enemies and your friends for your sins and transgressions.

Your bodies will wax old and smell of mildew and rot away like the dead crops of pestilence.

Your visions of heaven will be tarnished with iron and brass and the earth beneath you will become iron and steel so your way will become slippery and hard. The rain will be a curse unto you because it will burn your crops and lay waste as dust and ashes and powder. It will come from heaven and your world will become dross until the day you die.

The Lord will cause your enemies to triumph over you every time. They shall bewail you and have victory over you all the days of your lives and your children's lives and your grandchildren. You will come against your enemies' with the face of pride but you will flee in many directions with the face of shame and sorrow. And your name will be removed and forgotten from the Land and time and from the Book of Life.

Your graves will be dug up by the fowls of the air and they will eat your flesh and bone and the beast of the field will devour your earthly souls and no man will help you.

And the Lord will take vengeance on you like unto an evil land because of their hardness of heart and oppression of the weak and the poor and He will lay upon you scabs and sores and an itch that you will never be able to quench, and there will never be a cure.

You will be cursed with mental insanity, madness, blindness and confusion all day long and your heart will ache a thousand times over for hurt and pain and heartbreak; you, and your children and your grandchildren's hearts for generations.

You will never see or enjoy the Sun because of your blindness and you will stumble in darkness and never find your way out. And you will not prosper at anything and you will be constantly oppressed and spoil away and no one will come to save you.

Your wife and husband will sleep with another and when you buy or build a house you will not live there but another will live there. You will start a business and sow seed and it will not yield fruit, profits, or any good thing.

Your investments will fail and you will never gain. Your savings will be taken away from under your nose and some in the darkness of night. Your wealth will be given to others and to the poor and to your enemies and to those who will waste it away.

Your sons and your daughters will be brainwashed and taken captive by another people who you despise and you will see this and desire for their freedom but it will never come because you will have no power to redeem them or save them.

All the wealth and riches you save and protect will be given to and taken by those of other nations whom you despise and hate and kill for no reason. And you will be angry and on the verge of madness when you see this, but you will have no power to take revenge.

And the Lord himself will slap you with an illness in the knees and the arms and in your heads that cannot be cured and you will become weak and defenseless against your loss.

And God will take you and the king you serve into a land and under the rule of a nation that hates you and who will oppress you like you have done the innocent souls you have persecuted and killed. And you will be in a land of strangers who you have never known who will take vengeance on you and your children and your grandchildren.

You and your kindred will be mocked and bullied by nations you never knew and by people who you have never seen and you do not understand their language.

And you will be bondmen and bondwomen and will never gather in what you sow into the grown because of the locust and the pestilence that will consume your work. You will plant vineyards of grapes for wine and not drink it. You will gather cattle for meats and not eat it, and you will glean wool from sheep for clothes and not wear them.

You will be cursed in the field and not be able to bless yourself because the worms will consume all that you bring forth for blessing.

You will have children and grandchildren, sons and daughters and will never enjoy them and will be ashamed of them as they grow to server your oppressor. You will be brought low under strangers in the land and they will lend money to you and you will not lend to them. You will owe them and owe your oppressor forever and will be to them as servants.

Because you have lied and committed injustices and horrible acts of violence against an innocent people who have done no wrong, you will be cursed with the curses of God. Because you have not obeyed the commandments and Words of the Lord and have lied and deceived people for your own pleasure, you will suffer all these curses.

Because you have not served your brother and neighbor with a good heart, or shared the wealth of nations with a people poor of heart, you will fall to a strange nation whose language you do not understand and whose hearts are dark and terrifying.

You will face a cruel people who have no mercy or concern for your old or your young or your children. Those nations will breakdown your fenced cities and walls and invade your land and take from you all that you have built and cherish.

Your people will turn against one another and eat one another for food because of thy poverty and thy pains and hunger. And you will suffer from stress and evil medicines and foods that hurt and corrupt the body.

And your family and friends will turn on one another and kill one another, and the weak and fragile among you will be evil and deal treacherously against you and your children and their wives and daughters.

The women among you will be deceitful and evil and will trick you into lustful acts of perversion and ludeness and will refuse to be wives and mothers to your children and grandchildren. They will hurt their own children and kill them and make them starve for food. She will sell them to men for pleasure and trade them for strong drink and sweets and herbs. And your women will be barren in the womb and her breast will not bring forth milk.

Your sicknesses and sores will be forever and never go away and there will be no cures or remedies for the pain. You will suffer the illnesses of those you oppressed and will fear those you oppressed for years to come. You will feel sicknesses that have never been before and you will cry loud for forgiveness and salvation but God will not hear your voices.

Your numbers among the people will dwindle and you will be few in number and thrown off the land, when at one time you were the majority you will become the minority.

You will worship strange gods that have no power; gods of stone and paper and wood. You will never again find peace, nor will any power be in thy hands ever again.

And you will always doubt your life and have fear every day. You will suffer from a trembling heart, broken hope and empty dreams and you will have no assurance of days. And you will once again go into captivity to your oppressors from the beginning and wish for the days of now, but those days will be gone forever. And you will never see this land again from which you lived and grew and prospered. Because you have forsaken good and the Lord God and have taken hold of evil, oppression and hate and have killed the innocent for no reason.