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Zero Tolerance for Hostile Cops
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How long does the public have to bury our heads under police brutality before one of our so-called community or political leaders put a stop to the abuse? When will judges find the balls to punish police who blatantly and violently abuse children, elderly people, and innocent victims? If authority can have a zero tolerance for criminals and school children, why not the offenders of those sworn to uphold the law?

At some point incidences of police brutality must be taken at face value, which is simply unnecessary force, abuse, and plain brutality. It does not take a day in court to judge some of the vile acts of some gung-ho cops out there, hyped on power because they have a badge and a gun. Somebody got to have some common sense.

Instead, cops are placed on administrative, paid leave, and some return with their jobs and no criminal investigation, trials or civil consequences. Many are not held accountable for their actions and many get away with murder, abuse and assault without taking responsibility for their actions. And the courts and our political leaders allow this while citizens suffer for their actions whether right or wrong.

These men should be fired, immediately for any act of brutality, assault and especially murder, whether voluntary or not and should not be allowed back on the force. They should find more passive careers where they have no access to weapons of any kind. It is one thing to hurt someone for good reason (and many are justified in self defense) but when the situation is in any way questionable, serious consideration should be taken as to whether the officer is and ever will be, in his or her right mind again.

Anger and fear are very different motives when someone is hurt by the aggressor and police officers should not be given the benefit of the doubt in all situations like they are now, but psychologically evaluated to the fullest degree. People's lives are not play things where the state is assumed innocent when one is taken, but people have families, children and parents who have lost someone.

Of course officers who are killed in the line of duty by an assailant are exceptions, but if police are given a free pass and an excuse every time one has to pull his gun, nightstick or taser on a civilian and use it, we should ask hard questions and see the reality for what it really is and not assume the victim had it coming. That is ludicrous and sloppy policy on the part of any police force.

On the other hand, when will the people rise up against such brutality and arm themselves against an apparently out of control system of this new government police state. Too many times, these men and women are being justified as doing their job even to the point that many of them go free after killing, abusing, or hurting people who did not have it coming or who were victims of some cop having a bad day.

Mainstream opinion has become blurred and people are assuming that anyone who is beaten or shot by a police officer somehow had it coming. This mentality gives rise to an abusive system where one day the police will have the right to shoot and kill anyone at any freaking' time they want. And if someone stands up to speak out, they too, can be shot and killed simply for speaking out. This is getting insane.

The cowards in office and those sitting on the judicial benches are accessories to some of the most heinous crimes committed against the people this country has ever seen. They are paid to look the other way, withhold crucial evidence that would otherwise clear the victim, and have the power of cover-up, favoritism, and all other judicial scandal.

This society is truly asking for a rebellion. Maybe not this year or even the next, but soon, when it touches home and one of their own, they will finally stand up and fight the forces they have created. When that day comes, as usual, they will look themselves in the faces and ask that famous American question when all control is lost and when tragedy strikes, "where did we go wrong?"

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