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  Afro Harlem

harlem (20K)Why White Folk Took Harlem

Traditional deception would point to Blacks as the cause of white folk taking over Harlem; suggesting Blacks simply did not or do not have the skills or funds to maintain its infrastructure, and of course studies, reports, and speakers will stand behind that theory. Newspapers and local stations will photograph images of despair, crime, and hopelessness to justify reasons why Harlem has to be saved from its own destruction. But the conscious know the truth.

Surely there are pastors of historic churches that have fought vigorous battles to resurrect Harlem and to preserve its meaning and legacy, and probably hundreds of social and political movements that have shouted and protested against the takeover, but of course we know that investors and land developers have the last say to the tune of millions of dollars: with null promises of keeping Harlem, Harlem.

However, on the inside there may be many battles for or against turning Harlem over to a foreign intruder and we certainly cannot refute the insiders testimonies, but from the eyes of the rest of the nation, who stand on the outside looking in, it looks clearly as if Harlem is being completely taken over by whites regardless of the struggles by Harlem Blacks to keep it. It looks like money is talkin' and Blacks have started walkin'.

For whatever reason, the Clintons saw fit to associate themselves with Harlem, possibly thinking it would give them a boost among Blacks nationwide come the primary season, but now that the primaries are over and the Clintons lost, the flood gates have opened to all other whites who would love to sit their asses on a piece of the historic Black ghetto.

This psychotherapeutic identity association that whites have come down with, attaching themselves to Harlem, cannot wholly be attributed to them wanting to claim rights to the notoriety of Harlem, or to ease their guilt of Black poverty, or even to solidify their claim to social assistance. But it is all in the game of white gentrification, greed, power, and disrespect of Black culture.

White folks do not care about Black history, struggle or culture. They would just rather buy it, mock it, and then sell it at their market places. They do not care about relocating generations of families, tearing down landmarks, or sticking twenty-first century Botox into a community that has more historic meaning to Blacks and to America than their own liberty bell. It is not about the children, or the community, or any redistricting so-called; it is about disrespect, hate, and power.

No amount of Blacks in Harlem have sold out to the white man because there are just as many Black communities throughout America that whites have driven threw without a second look let alone have enough concern to rebuild it for their own. So it is not about whether or not Blacks did not care about Harlem or whether they sold it to whites, the fact is whites wanted it, decided to get it, and got it.

For whatever reason they want Harlem bad enough to take it only surfaces their schoolyard bully persona, the one used to take this country from its owners. Regardless of whatever reason given in the news or in studies and reports, to analyze this atrocity for more than it is worth would be a waste of time. White folks have the money and the power and as far as equal opportunity is concerned, we all see that too, is another lie in the playbook of American racism.

© August 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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