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uncle-tom-cabin-250 (21K)The Making and Use of the American Uncle Tom Negro

This has got to be a bad joke. If the American public, specifically Black America, is swallowing the poison of white America's old "credit to your race," token Negro usage strategy, Black America as we know it will collapse quicker than we realize. This pastime has become sickening and has to be stopped or else the consequences are going to be traumatic for this country. Uncle Tom Negros has got to be exposed and brought down, now!

We will not even return to the cotton fields on this one, with a history lesson of house Negro, field Negro; we do not have to because this sick and twisted practice is happening right before our eyes today on national television, radio, and in many popular magazines. However, like the Negros of the past, these Negros today have no shame in their status as Uncle Toms, which is the main hindrance in the victory for Black dignity. Thus, destroying their pride of Uncle Tomism is the key.

What is very funny and blatantly obvious, is that white folks love this. It pacifies them like a hot tub and as long as their egos are pacified, they will continue this childish, adolescent game of human trafficking, humiliation, and public shame. They are in their prime where it pertains to ignorance, believing that people actually accept their ham-handed attempt to get their points across and to influence public thinking about Black folks based on one-sided opinions of Black people who they have paid to agree with them.

It is hilarious to watch these antics of Black and white hypocrite/kindergarten teachers of American society on public television. The intellectual level of this spectacle is amazing. With their proclaimed titles and degrees of education, their blue and black suits and made-up faces, they are exposing the most obvious form of racism to the world that ever was.

Below are scenes from this Hollywood production of Modern American Samboism Uncut.

First, Jesse Lee Peterson sounds like a 10-year-old child. He should not even be allowed on public television with such views. But as stated earlier, whites will go to any extreme to feel good about themselves, even if it means displaying a complete idiot with no moral or logical point to make. Funny as hell! Next, there is the Larry Elder and Juan Williams who are paid to represent the conservative side of Uncle Tomism. They will say what whites will not say, which means, duh, it is obvious that the Black people are put there because whites are afraid to say what they really think, so we are supposed to believe that these men actually have legitimate opinions.

Whites will not say certain things so, of course, they get Blacks to say it. How clever of them. And we, high school educated Black folks and dumb back wood rednecks are supposed to accept this as legitimate news reporting? What in hell are these people being taught for $160 year tuition at these colleges? Whatever TF 101?

Now, moving on to the mainstream Uncle Toms, let us discuss pop culture in the Black community. Hollywood Blacks, athletes, singers and rappers, magazine publishers, television broadcasters and web publishers of Black America have been watered down so bad by mainstream Uncle Tomism that they cannot even speak their minds. They speak white folks mind. They write white folk words and ideals, copy white folk attitudes, beliefs, lifestyles and pass it on to Black America disguised as Black culture.

Black folks, who graduate from the public school system after studying the goodness of American history and culture, further their education in white colleges and learn the contemporary philosophy of thought designed by white scholars and writers, then apply this knowledge to life; to their marriages, their families and children, and to their work ethics and become just like elitist white folks: mentally confused, arrogant, unhealthy, in-debt, unhappy, and biased toward any other culture on the earth.

They then turn and look at other Blacks who still believe in dignity and integrity and that continues the fight for social justice, and degrade them as shameful. They have learned to continue the American tradition of racism and Uncle Tomism by proclaiming that Blacks are ignorant, self-destructive, self-hating, prone to crime, irresponsible, and furthermore unworthy, and that whites are right, good, God-fearing people that cannot and have not done any wrong.

Forget the past, slavery and Jim Crow, and live for today. Even though the majority of white America is living off the interest of slavery and Jim Crow. It has become a social disgrace to "blame the white man." He has done nothing to you; he can do no wrong, Black folks problems are because of Black folks, not white privilege, wealth, or power, but because of Black negligence.

Our people have become so brainwashed in white manipulation that we have not minds of our own, but our minds are owned by white people and we cannot see this. We think we have to work twice as hard and long for us to meet the minimum standards of life and equal white folk, but this should not be the case. The truth is, we do not meet the minimum standards because of white privilege, wealth and power. But as long as there are Black people to tell us and the world that we are the problem and not them, we will always have a problem. The strategy is genius and working well and they know it.

Solution. Post to your blog, your website and to your email list any and all such incidences of Uncle Tomism so we and the world can know to pay no attention to their words. For they are the words of the divider.

© Feb 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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