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aids (5K)Black America, Aids and the big white lie

They are lying! The Aids that is affecting Black America today is not the same Aids virus that surfaced during the infection of white homosexual males in the early eighties. This form of Aids is one scientifically concocted and specifically engineered for the genocide of Blacks in America and in Africa. No scientific proof is needed but mere common sense and a deep revelation from the Spirit of God.

A recent report by American tabloids about the current Aids rate in America stands by the continued lie that there is no conspiracy toward Blacks. The social pundits and so-called medical experts on television news are immovable in their claim of innocence of this travesty and mock anyone who thinks otherwise.

Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and many other notable Black thinkers who have their suspensions know and believe that something is extremely fishy about the way the Aids rates rose in Africans and now in the population of Black Americans, mainly our Black sisters. In fact, anyone within thinking range of logic and common sense and a spiritual connection to God can see that something evil is brewing.

However, in order to downplay the revelation, the public media has to discredit all Black thinkers and anyone who would bring light to this serious and deadly issue. This mad scientific experiment lead by crazed scientist of western culture have - in their minds - all but laid the origin of the Aids virus and the filthy lifestyle associated with it on the lifestyle of Black people.

As Afromerica wrote back in 2003, Suspected Genocide: AIDS and the Black World, "Understanding the theories and formulas of nuclear fusion takes a mind continuously focused on and dedicated to developing scientific advancements into the technological realm of time and matter, but to notice the shift of the AIDS virus from the white homosexual male population to the larger portion of the Black-American community and the majority of African nations over a time period of 15 years takes nothing more than simple common [damn] sense."

blkwoman (1K)In recent years, back in 2005 and 06, the CDC was reporting high rates of Chlamydia among Black women, "Surveillance data show higher rates of reported STDs among some minority racial or ethnic groups when compared with rates among whites." News Source. They were doing this to soften the blow for what was to come, the unexpected high rates of Aids that would infect the Black community.

This disease was engineered specifically for Blacks and has the title of white power written all over it. They have convinced ignorant Black advocates of Aids to believe that we are somehow to blame for this epidemic. They are presenting the issue in a most negative light pointed directly at Black lifestyle and relationship habits, with the hidden agenda of reducing the Black birth and marriage rates. This is classic Hilter-style propaganda and attempted genocide.

Brothers and sisters, if you know someone with Aids, or if your young son or daughter suddenly contract this evil white-induced virus, please trace all doctor visits and hospital stays they may have recently frequented going back a ten year span: trace back diet, change in diet, places eaten, people socialized with, and such lifestyle choices that may uncover exposure to any suspicious white authorities.

If you find a pattern between and among three to 4 people who have come in contact with one another in close proximity to any related place, document and publish the results, then collaborate with others who have done the same across the country: take the matter to God in prayer and then the U.N. in protest. This has got to end somewhere and most likely it will end to their own disadvantage as usual.

In their twisted and diabolical minds combined with the hatred of Blacks for no reason other than barbarianism, white America will reap what they sow and suffer the consequences in the end and like always, another generation of Blacks will rise from the ashes untouched.

Do not believe the lies they are publishing throughout the world. In your defense, take care of yourself through safe sex and choice of partners, but do not allow this lie to permeate your minds to the point of not reproducing another beautiful Black child or reconsidering furthering your life by the grace of God's blessing of marriage. Stand strong and live in peace.

© June 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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