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A New Theory of Evolution – Survival of the Optimist

Black people, witness the dawn of a new day! The long night of oppression is passing. What makes me so optimistic and excited about Barack Obama? It’s not Obama but what he represents. Some say be careful, don’t make too much of all this. I say make as much of it as you can, while you can. Don’t let this moment pass you by. Our labor is finally paying off.

Jesse Jackson exists as a remnant of the dream while Barack Obama is evidence of our next step in evolution. The natural progression that occurs when moving from dream to reality. It’s thrilling to watch what we’ve waited so long to see!

The dream was that one day little black kids would be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. That hasn’t happened. White America never progressed to that level. Now 40 years after the murder of the dreamer, rather than being seen as just kids our little children are seen as 80% more likely to grow up in poverty, more likely to have AIDS, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to go to prison, more likely to be in a gang, more likely to be victim of a drive-by, more likely to be in a rap music video…

As prophetically self-fulfilling as it is, there are similarities between the Biblical stories and our own. I am not one who believes that in order for our lives and experiences to be legitimate they must mirror those of the ancient Hebrews. But, I know a parallel when I see one. The last 40 years were, by all accounts, very much Biblically analogous.

What could be more symbolic of the dawning of a new day in America, signaling a drastic change from the old white way of doing things, and the black reactionaries that accompanied that old way, than the fact that a man who is both white and black, African and American is possibly only months away from occupying the most powerful office on the planet? A sharper historical perspective emerges when we analyze the journey of the African American against the backdrop of the Biblical Hebrews – both of who wandered aimlessly for generations in a land of oppression. Surely the coming of our day of liberation, just like the Hebrews’, was inevitable.

Barack Obama is not our savior. He does not come from God. He comes from a much better place, from within us. He is us, born of those very hopes and aspirations that carried us through our darkest times. As we embrace him we embrace ourselves.

Obama represents our future. I believe he does transcend America’s past racial conflicts, not through his biraciality, but by understanding how to exploit his human potential to the fullest. In the same way that his campaign challenges political barriers, we must bravely defy the barriers of false morality created by the oppression we’ve endured. Come on people, mount up, prepare for the charge!

© July 2008 by Dan Hardman || [TOP]


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