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For years Black America has had to endure the whine of bootlicking Uncle Toms such as Larry Elder, Juan Williams, Bill Cosby, and others who would appear on national television and publicly humiliate and diminish the voices of the masses of Black America where it pertains to racism in America. Well, with assistance from God himself and a twist of fate, the statistics have revealed what we already knew.

Lack of verifiable proof as in facts and statistics restrained the masses from proving that racism was in fact very alive and well and has a lot to do with the deterrent of Black advancement. It is virtually impossible to measure the hearts of people as to what they are thinking and feeling. But now we have proof. Hard data via polls, statistics, opinions, and from their own mouths, a large portion of white America have admitted they are racist.

Logic and common sense in addition to these stats can safely crunch the numbers and conclude that at or around 55% of, or close to three-forth of white America has negative feelings toward Blacks, subtly or outward. Not only can we conclude their feelings, but we can attached those feelings to direct action toward Blacks, including youth, women, Black men, and children and Black America collectively. In areas of economics, politics, health, education, judicially, and socially, we now know that there are biases toward Blacks based on false assumption, stereotypes, and media misinformation.

We can safely gather these conclusions because this is how the news media, low-income and many other white Americans have based their perceptions of Barack Obama. They believe what they want to believe and what the news media has fed them, such false information, misguided, twisted, and erroneous information contrived by lying, supremacist producers, media personnel and political pundits from the angry white-male crowd.

Irony at its most revealing and powerful has the elite white crowd in a flux. During the primaries, in there desperation to destroy Obama and to secure a place for Hillary, they were anxious to show that lower-working class white America are not in support of Obama during the primary season, yet in doing so, they exposed the racist areas of the country as well as the statistical number of racists there are in the country. Idiots! In essence, they are exposing themselves as liars after years of claiming "racism does not exist in America." What they are doing is almost comical.

While Clinton and the white media proclaimed that working class whites support her over Obama and those same working class whites profess to not voting for Obama because he is Black, what does this say? Numerically and statistically, it says the majority working class whites are racist. Reportedly, the whites who do support Obama are educated and have obviously moved beyond race as a factor, [supposedly], so logically, those without education are ignorant racist and are more easily to persuade.

The news media are in fact proving themselves racist because they seek to persuade negatively, and if their plans have an effect on the working class whites, then the media class whites are ignorant racist themselves. This is hilarious. In addition, right-wing radio talk shows and television news casters are taking responsibility for persuading the white vote against Obama, so again, logic says that they too - the whites working for major media networks - are racist and those who hire them are racist, which confirms that whites in power have influence over race relations and Black representation where it pertains to advancement.

If major news media could have convinced those watching that Obama believed what Rev. Wright believes or that he is an extremist Muslim tied to terrorism, or any other negative image, they can convince them that Blacks in general are questionable, which they have been doing for years. This in itself has an influence on how Blacks are treated in public by employers, doctors, judges, teachers, major institutions and in all other areas in American society.

How can anyone refute the facts? If crunched logically and when adjusted for error, whichever states voted overwhelmingly for Clinton after the Wright scandal based on media influence, no one knows how many of the states before the scandal broke would have still supported Obama. So concluding again, the power of media influence, 1/3 of those probably would not have voted for Obama which now pushes the racial hatred meter up to 65% of whites who are questionable racist.

Now we see the Uncle Toms of America who practice the statistical game they preach and see that the facts reveal that racism is a major factor in the progression of Black life in America. From this point, however, there is no refuting the facts; even though the raw data itself is no way accurate of the depths of racism when natural unction is applied.

What they - the Uncle Toms - refuse to see in the form of unction can be multiplied twice over when added to their statistics, which would finally push the racial hatred meter up to 75% of white America have serious problems with Blacks and will use their powers in all areas of social life to restrain Black growth. We rest our case; so hell yes, I Proudly Blame the White Man Because I Know it is Not Me with the Problem

© May 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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