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steeleobama (11K)The Ultimate Setup: The Suspicious Rise of Black Leadership

It must be a burden to think these days: to actually analyze the world around us. However, take the following theory with a grain of salt if you wish, but at least consider the logic behind it. A Black President and now a Black GOP leader means something dirty is brewing in the minds of white America. Think about it; why would two Black men be placed in charge of the two most powerful political parties in America after hundreds of years of the other way around? What has changed, or is about to change?

It would be infantile to believe that race does not matter anymore in America because Black people are still being persecuted in many areas. Young Black men are still being killed by police and still continue to fill the jails; Black women are still mysteriously coming down with the most deadly disease in the world; Black children still lag their white counterparts in education and income, and Black people are still paid less, live in worst conditions, and are discriminated against every day. So what gives?

The media continues their public campaign to humiliate Black people, local news stations showing the worst and most poverty stricken of us, university studies and reports of dysfunctional Black lifestyle, health, and educational levels. Hollywood still celebrate white life as the ultimate while Black life is stereotyped as reckless, irresponsible, and worthless; and popular radio talk show host continue their racist campaigns of recruiting and subliminally training back hills and suburban white militias and rebels. In fact, they have done such a good job in degrading Black intelligence, responsibility, and ability to do basically any damn thing, Black America struggles daily to revive its image, so why all of a sudden are two Black men leading the country?

Now, quite possibly, the tide has turned and maybe race equality is gaining ground in America, but would that not mean that race humiliation and hatred would diminish also? Yet it has not, in fact, race hatred is gaining ground right along side whatever race miracle has happen in the last year. The more the illusion of race equality rises the more resistance it meets with. More determined racist whites, are out to continue to undermine Black effort while other suspected whites are attempting to prove race equality. This is an interesting conflict of interest.

On the other hand, this is the perfect time to fool the natives. If somehow they can make everyone believe that America has reached race equality - despite the millions of Blacks still at the bottom of the social rungs - cleverly throwing the towel of deception over the eyes of the truth, then it is very likely that they can place the blame of the eventual fall of America on the shoulders of Black leadership. This is not that far fetched a theory considering the past of and current potency of American racism.

The perpetual hatred for Black folks is so deep within the psyche of whites that they fought and killed each other during the Civil War, they went to war with other countries to avoid giving Civil Rights, and now they are willing to place themselves below the very people they so despise to alleviate themselves of the blame for the failure of American capitalism and Democracy.

Because the country have reached such a low point here and throughout the world, they realize that it is almost beyond repair. If they could somehow place the blame on Black folks it would justify their claims that Black people are irresponsible and negligent. What better way to do this than to appoint a Black president during one of the worst times in American economic history, and appointing a Black man to refute everything the other says. This is genius. Right now they are making bad decisions and tossing the dice at every problem hoping something will change.

The truth is, one of their own, George Bush and his good ole' boy network, greedy capitalist bankers and Wall Street brokers, and elitist white scholars and economist screwed this country up big time. And let us never forget this. They spent trillions of dollars on an unnecessary war, bank rolled oil companies via capitalist theory, empowered banks to rip off consumers, and made laws that tightened life for the poor. Now, knowing they have screwed up, they turn and place the burden on the shoulders of a Black man. And only now, is a Black man capable of becoming a leader, but of course when all else has failed.

Michael Steele and Barak Obama and any other future Black face that takes a high role, in addition to the rest of Black America will soon see that it was all a ploy and a grand plan to humiliate Black America once and for all. To prove a theory they have been trying to prove on paper for years but now have the chance to do in real life. The problem with this theory though, however, is that they once again left God out of the equation. It will backfire, of course and instead of the country getting better to prove their plan was in vain, God will allow an event that will expose white hate to its most vehement, like he did in New Orleans, and the country will still fall.

The preliminaries do not matter, it is the outcome that does. Obama may have very good intensions on making improvements and Michael Steele may be a very good leader for the Republican Party. But we all know that Steele's promotion is the direct result of Obama's position. He can now say anything that racist white Republicans will not, and they can blame him for any missteps the Republicans make from this point on. This is too easy to see but of course mainstream media will convince the public that this is all the result of equal opportunity taking Blacks to higher heights. Possibly, but highly improbable.

Prepare for the fall of America and for Blacks to take the blame. This will then give rise to the race war so readily awaiting in back hills and suburban garages. Prepare for the world to hate Blacks after America launches a bomb at some country for no reason or for a minimal one. Prepare for your children to face a generation of in-your-face racism without a defense, because after all is said and done, Black people cannot do anything right according to white folks.

© Feb 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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