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The Oscar Grant Files: Continuing coverage of the Oscar Grant Case

listennow (1K) - Listen to BNR update on the Oscar Grant Files

media (7K)The Murder Of Oscar Grant Is Nothing Unusual
By Brotherpeacemaker

Oscar Grant was murdered on New Year's Day by Officer Johannes Mehserle. Mr. Mehserle fatally shot Mr. Grant in the back after Mr. Grant and some friends were pulled from a train following a report of an altercation according to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) spokesman Linton Johnson......[more]

bartpolice_large (21K)A Cold Blooded Execution or Inadequate Training?
By M. Quinn

As millions across the nation celebrated the arrival of a New Year, and likewise await with bated breath the advent of the first African American President of the United States; another young Black man lost his life at the hands of a exceedingly over zealous, and highly irresponsible law enforcement officer in the San Francisco bay area......[more]

The Case of Oscar Grant: American Justice on Trial: Part II
bart1 (11K) They can criticize Black men killing each other and publish studies on the matter, but when time comes for them to speak against their own and the inhumanity they show toward Black life, they become silent......[more]

The Case of Oscar Grant: American Justice on Trial: Part I
art.BART.victim (19K) The media is going to pull everything innocent out of their asses on this one. First, they will beg the public to believe that the officer who shot this young man did it totally by mistake and he never meant to kill him. They will say he was reaching for his taser but pulled the gun instead. Yes, this will be their defense......[more]

More Than 100 Arrested In Violent BART Protest

More than 100 demonstrators were arrested overnight as a march to protest the slaying of a Hayward man by a BART police officer erupted into violence in downtown Oakland.....[more]

Video of California police shooting spurs investigation

A New Year's Day shooting in which a subway police officer fired a deadly shot into the back of an unarmed man has the San Francisco Bay Area demanding answers as authorities appeal for patience. .....[more]

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