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Thank God for and congratulations to Barak Obama. America has gone to the extreme to prove that racism does not exist and that everything is racially equal and Blacks have no more reason to complain, speak of slavery, or cry discrimination. However, their desperate attempt to make themselves and the world believe this is true, will never work.

The mere suggestion of current headlines, articles, and newscasters that everything is alright is embarrassing because no one in their right mind is stupid enough to believe that. We have NOT reached the promise land, King's dream has NOT been fulfilled, and everything is NOT ok.

The original purpose of Afromerica was to expose the racism that plaques this country and how it hinders Black growth in every area of social life including, economics, education, politics, health, justice, domestically, culturally and even psychologically. Over the past 6 years our plan has revealed that racism is alive and well and will continue, even if there is a Black president.

Obama was not elected because he is Black, he was elected because people were tired of the good ole' boy network that has ruled America for centuries. All during the campaign, many wondered if white America would vote for a Black man even in these desperate times, and now we know, they will. That is a good thing and says that the majority of whites in America do not have a real problem with race.

We must recognize however, that there were just as many whites who did not vote for Obama as those that did. So what does that say about that faction of whites who did not? It says either they did not understand what was at stake or out of sheer spite and race pride they were more willing to risk the county's future than vote for a Black man.

It also suggests that many believed in the negative ads and scare tactics used by extreme conservatives who wanted to undermine Obama's personality and destroy his reputation. Though many decided to remain loyal to their party, the approval ratings of George Bush tells the story of how bad a job the conservative administration was doing and how fed up the people were.

There is a sect of white America that remains racist in thought and in action, and we cannot start to ignore that truth. The systems in place, such as the justice system, the educational, health, and political systems remain racist and discriminatory in actions and deeds. Employment discrimination, housing, banking, health care, and many other variables still remain true, that Blacks are socially and economically at the bottom of the social food chain.

We should not be blinded by this apparently deceiving light. Again, Obama is not president because everything is racial alright; he is president because the people were desperate. The demographical statistics remain the same for Blacks. Nothing has changed and probably will not change for a long time.

We do not fight against individual prejudice as much as we do systematic prejudice. White privilege is alive and well and we should not forget this fact. We have NOT overcome!

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