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ballentine (2K)Warren Ballentine is no Limbaugh

In a sad attempt to tackle the right wing Rush Limbaugh, mainstream media has exalted Warren Ballentine as the new liberal equal. As bad as it is needed for a Black man to go toe-to-toe with the right wing racist, Ballentine is not the one.

Warren Ballentine has not the anger to refute this type of venomous racism. He would just as soon bow down and take the licks upside his head like the ole Uncle Toms of the 1800s. Facts and stats will not give him the glory and certainly not political or economic knowledge. No, a Black man today that would become the rival of Limbaugh need - borrowing Jesse's phrase - balls, and Ballentine…well.

Sad that the Black and mainstream media is so desperate to stay in the war on Blacks that they would recruit a true rookie to take the stage. There are no real shoes to fill because no one, no liberal that is, has stood long enough against Limbaugh and his racist henchmen of the radio airwaves to establish any shoes. This is because the liberals are soft on racist because they are basically racist themselves.

What is needed is someone who understands the mindset of a racist and the depths of their hatred for Blacks, not someone who dream dreams and hopes on false hope. But someone who can mimic the parodies of American racism. Believe it; America is not ready for their racist to be defeated. They are in fact proud of their superiority leaders and the chaos they create.

The boy, Ballentine, will not last a minute. You will soon see. He is going to either convert to a Michael Eric Dyson, the yessa massa political pundit on CNN, or he will make so many enemies in the Black community that he will end up like Tavis Smiley, a Black man without a place to call home or a window to throw it out of.

Get real; get a Black man who is mad as hell.

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