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Who is Canada at war with? When was the last time Argentina attacked another country? Did anyone see Australia attack Japan, China drop a bomb on Cuba, or Sweden hit the beaches of the Philippines on CNN? If either of these scenarios have escaped your memory, that is because they never happened and probably never will. However, for the past 100 years, the United States has been profiled in all of the above. That is because America is the most war faring country in the world.

Anyone can safely assume that without a gun in their hands or mad scientist to develop life destroying bombs, the world may be as peaceful and serene as ever. Even when there is strife among countries somewhere in the world, the US has an interest involved, why is that? Why is it that the US cannot, NOT be at war? It is because the people who rule the US are blood thirsty, greedy imperialist pigs who possess the brain of the Machiavellian mouse in Pinky and the Brain who pushes intently to rule the world.

It is because they believe that their system of a Capitalist Democracy is fail proof and should be shared and practiced by every other country in the world. They believe - despite the recent failure of its own system - that free market and controlled world trade is the best policy for everyone in the world. And their method of convincing the rest of the world of this theory is to stick a freaking gun to their head.

Manipulation, intimidation, and instigation are how America became the richest and most militarily powerful country on earth. War, killing and maiming people of other countries, torture, population obliteration, indigenous genocide; all in the proclaimed fight for freedom. But let us weigh those freedoms against other parts of the world. Of course we are taught that we are the envy of the world and every other country lives in backwards, poverty stricken societies but at what cost are we any better?

The price of freedom actually breaks down to a lifestyle of endless work weeks, massive debt, and a constant barrage of immoral choices of lifestyle. We have the freedom to vote for crooks, consume the latest technology and foreign-made goods, abort our children, marry the same sex, live where we are designated, attend the greatest and most expensive colleges in the world, co-own a home with failing banks, and agree with Unconstitutional laws set forth by immoral politicians who are so far out of touch with the average family it has become a shame.

We are told the founding fathers and "our boys" have fought for these rights and freedoms with no emphases on the fact that millions of other people, families, mothers, fathers and children have died as collateral damage for us to become spoiled, rotten, selfish, arrogant, and world-hated people who are overworked, in debt, harassed and threatened constantly and taxed to death by our local police force, state troopers, judicial system and government leaders.

World War I, II, Vietnam, Korea, Serbia, Iraq, Iran, Russia, and who knows how many other countries litter our history books as if war is natural, practical, and necessary. We are told constantly that our military strength is the greatest in the world and made to believe that that is a good thing. Has anyone ever stopped to think that with such an image, America may be considered the greatest natural born murderers the world has ever seen?

We have been in a War on Aids, a War on Drugs, a War on Terror, a War on the Middle Class, a War on Immigration, a War on Poverty, and of course a War on every other social disease that has not only become a hazard to our lifestyles, but pushed into society by law by the very same leaders who announce these wars. In the past 400 years, the United States has even been at war with itself a few times including the internal wars with the British, the French, and the infamous Civil War. Not to mention the slaughter of the Indians and the Africans.

Suggestion, remove the gun from America's hand and let nature take its course and we will see what other countries actual pose a threat to humanity other than the United States. If what our leaders tell us is true, the world will self-implode in a matter of days because we are not there to keep it under control. But as we introduced in the beginning of this message, it does not look as if Canada, Chile, Denmark, South Africa, or Mexico has any plans to invade any other country. In fact, the only countries that are a true threat to society have close ties with the United States. Can you name them?

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