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obamafro (2K)Racism Will Intensify if Obama becomes President

Be prepared to experience a highly sophisticated level of racial humiliation of Black America if Barak Obama becomes president. Not only that, but white America will convince themselves that the racial playing field is now level and erases the crimes of the past and that they can never again be accused of being racist against Blacks. Not if a Black man is president.

They will use Obama's presidency to the uttermost as a way to acquit themselves from the crimes of their ancestors dating back to slavery and to reduce their guilt, easing their current pain. Though nothing can ever wash away the past, this will make them feel better about themselves while at the same time give them the opportunity to belittle and refute any further claims of racial injustices they will do in the future. But it will not work.

Apologies, a Black president, even reparations in the trillions will never wipe away 300-plus years of cruelty and destruction of a nation of people. There is no amount of retribution, any acceptable resolution, justifiable excuse, acceptable explanation or point of repentance that will compensate for what was done and is done to date to Africans and Black Americans. Blacks themselves cannot humanly possible measure what is acceptable justice for something of this magnitude. Only God himself can judge accordingly and give just reward.

Nevertheless, this will not stop white America from doing it themselves. They will presumptuously lay the bar for what is acceptable without, of course, a dignified acknowledgement from Blacks. They will arrogantly believe that a Black man in the Whitehouse would make everything alright, and they will bring token Black pundits to the television screen to accept their conceited attempt at reconciliation to Black America.

All the while, racism will continue and at deviously higher levels. For instance, this will give police officers a reason to shoot a young Black man without the accusation of racism. This will protect their discriminatory practices in employment, education, healthcare, judicial and other systemic areas of society without bringing the guilt of racism. And it will deceptively ease their warped consciousness.

In a serious state of disenchantment, white America will be given a mainstream pass to stereotype, mock, humiliate, and poke fun at Blacks without feeling the guilt of racism because they can easily and conveniently turn and say, "We're not being racist, there is a Black man in the Whitehouse."

They will write themselves a socially and politically-correct ticket to talk down to low-income Blacks and further label them with hideous terms of self-hatred and destruction because they can turn and say, "Obama made it, there is no reason you cannot either." There will be no more excuses for any Black person to not have success, ask for anything or complain about anything and if they do, even if they have a legal, logical, and justifiable reason to do so, they will be scorned, whipped and branded with the words, Obama, Obama, Obama.

They are going to shamelessly lie, distort, twist and spin all allegations of reported racism and any and all forms of actual racism will be considered null and void because they will have all but eliminated the word from the dictionary. The world from this point will be to them, an equal Black and white world despite the same economically neglected urban areas, the poverty stricken underfunded public schools, the high amount of Black inmates in the prison system, the high rates of Black unemployment, the stereotypical Hollywood blackballing, the racist reporting, journaling, and publishing of negative Black statistics, achievements, and underachievement.

Anytime there is a racial allegation brought to the forefront, if it gets any attention at all, there will be a token Negro there to refute it claiming racial harmony exist so there is no legitimate claim to racism, and the white public will accept the token's words as that of the Black community. From this point, any Black person who can see through the facade will be and can legitimately labeled a racist on a new standard because the tables of racism will be turned over to and toward Blacks and sadly, many Blacks will fall for the lie.

We are headed into dangerous territory and those who cannot see the truth now will be doubly deceived when the games begin. We must begin to prepare for the intense racial hatred of deception that will come forth if Obama becomes president. The best strategy in this next wave of battles is for Blacks to know beyond a doubt the truth, do not second guess your instincts, and know that that which is done in the dark will definitely come to the light. Do not be deceived, white America is about to stoop to their lowest level ever. But the end is not yet.

© May 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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