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maig (10K)Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)? How About Mayors Against Bigoted Judges

Prepare for a new wave of non-violent offender convictions and a rise in juvenile incarcerations in every major city in the country. While right-wing conspiracist are arming themselves for the "War on Blacks and minorities," big city mayors will be creating a whole new criminal class of what white society has told them are the society's criminals.

The meeting of the nation's Mayors is held annually for them to discuss gun violence in their cities: not how to raise revenue the old fashion American way or encouraging industry to building a larger, legitimate revenue base, but how to police the hell out of the average citizen and collect revenue through fines, fees, and building a stronger prison industrial complex.

Per their website's mission statement, "We respect the rights of law abiding citizens to own guns, and we recognize that the vast majority of gun dealers carefully follow the law. Our only interest is in fighting crime -- and we are determined to win. The polarizing rhetoric of gun politics on all sides only obscures the tragic reality we see every day on our streets: violent criminals with easy access to firearms."

This statement reeks of threats toward the same people they have created as criminals. Youth and citizens who have been cut out of the mainstream loop through over-policing, under-employment, and victims of drug trafficking throughout the streets of the very same cities these Mayors represent. How about "Mayors Against Government Drug Trafficking into Urban Areas?", "Mayors Against Police Brutality", Or, "Mayors Against Lying Politicians and Crooked Bankers?"

Instead of going after the little guy, how about Mayors and Governors standing up against bigger and more organized criminals that prey on the wages of families, single mothers and the under-educated such as predatory lenders, second rate financial and lending institutions, crooked cops, greedy and shady businesses, bigoted and racist judges that over-sentences youth for profit. How about checking the moral credibility of your own staff?

How do the guns reach the city limits in the first place? Is it not the job of the police to find out? How pathetic can any police unit be if they cannot catch the criminals at the source instead of after all the damage is done. So low-income people end up catching the hell after who knows how many criminal fingers the guns slipped through in the first place. Who knows if the Mayors themselves did not have something to do with gun trafficking? What a bunch of freaking hypocrites.

Expecting first and second generation university educated elitist to use their knowledge to legitimately run their cities under the principles of industry growth, these derelicts depend on old school buddies and acquaintance favors, kickbacks, and socialite gatherings to first fund their own pockets then line the city's account. They cannot run the risk of placing their judge, lawyer, police officer friends on the stand because they jeopardize friendships, bribes and dinner engagements, so they turn to the under-educated and under-employed and police and tax the hell out of them instead.

Using state troopers, the DMV, local police road blocks, insurance company kickbacks, the courts, and in order to meet state budgets, they increase city funds by suspending licenses through cancelled insurance policies, traffic tickets for menial driving offenses, increasing city service fees from privatization, drive major businesses out of the city by high tax rates, who would otherwise provide employment to lower income families.

This "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" stinks to high hell because by pretending to be protecting the public through use of elegant mission statements and classic American literary jargon, they are actually increasing a police state right before our eyes. Instead of actually doing something for the good of humanity and society, they are the main ones contributing to the rise of criminals by limiting the average citizen's ability, opportunities and chances of a half way decent life in this so-called land of Democracy.

At some point, wisdom reveals that if the powers that be continue to punish too many people, they diminish their honest clientele by half. Educating people and empowering them through entrepreneurship as an alternative to imprisonment would make a better society, but we now see that like a well organized criminal regime, the powerful are not powerful without someone to throw their fist at.

© Apr. 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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