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Katrina Reinforced Slave Cruelty
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Out of the clear blue sky comes this slave database from Emory University in Atlanta: this...this, half hearted compilation of Slave voyages, incomplete with slave names, departing destination and port arrival information. Along the same lines as the "apology for slavery" is this pathetic attempt to sooth the savage Black and ease the pain of white guilt. But Katrina makes null and void all past, present and future attempts to make things right.

With almost parallel cruelty, the treatment of Blacks during Katrina unveiled not only the depths of white apathy, but unleashed three generations of hidden coldness toward the value of Black life. If there was the slightest chance that some of the last standing bricks of Black Americans had begun to pardon whites for slavery, Katrina brought hardness once again to many hearts. And the moment in time white guilt had finally seemed to be waning to the point of relief, the levees broke and hate drowned Blacks once again.

In no way could five days of public neglect and humiliation equate to over 400 years of animal brutality on African souls and bodies, but the mentality behind the slave trade was revealed during Katrina. Black life meant nothing. The public sentiment was as if we deserved it, we had it coming, or we brought it on ourselves. Not only did apathy rate extremely high on the scale, but punishment, blame, and white revelry was inflicted on Blacks in New Orleans.

Blacks were left to die, publicly and internationally humiliated, falsely accused, tried and convicted, chased, turned away, mocked, shot at and even murdered with no investigations during the days of Katrina. Afterward, we were broken from our families, shipped (bussed) away, scattered like cattle, neglected, again accused of thievery, again tried and convicted, blamed for this and blamed for that, and not once did white America see a damn thing wrong with anything they were doing.

To this day Blacks from New Orleans are destitute, forgotten, and when they are discussed, they are bewailed by mainstream media, still blamed for what happen, and remain accused of many crimes regardless of how many crimes were committed by whites, how many murders, thefts, robberies, or injustices whites playfully enjoyed, Blacks are still catching the hell. And they awake the next day with business as usual.

The indifference and cruelty of white America is unprecedented, phenomenal, and probably scientifically unexplainable. Their level of care for their own is even a mystery. The apologies, the promises, the attempts at honorable dedications, appointments to office, and even Obama as president will never drown out the cries of slavery and will be doubly hard to silence the voices during and after Katrina. Not for the many millions of Blacks in America.

Oh sure, they will profile Blacks on mainstream television that will swear to God slavery and Katrina did not affect them and that its over, long gone and forgotten, but white America feels better about the small percentage of Blacks who feel that way instead of confronting the sentiments of the other millions of Blacks who do not. They would rather believe a lie than face the truth. That deceptive psychological variable in itself have obviously confounded Western scientist for centuries because they have no explanation as to how to make it all better.

This...this damn database is like salt to the wound. It is like saying, sorry about stripping you of your family heritage and culture, but here are some old records you can mull through even though there are no real answers. This database was hidden by whites for centuries and just now made public to Blacks for the viewing. Quite possibly, the election of Obama have given whites the assumption this will make things right. They feel it is the right time to give Blacks that moment of pride by which they can gather snap shots of their long lost family album kept locked away by our overseers until the right time.

Like an adopted child; like charity throw to an orphan; like we need this. In addition to this sad attempt at mending a damned relationship, the statistics are fudged, numbers are twisted, facts are distorted, and in favor of America, placing all the major blame on Brazil and the Caribbean. As if the number of slaves sold to each country matters as opposed to the severity of the crime. Honestly, the insult is not that they have offered us this newly found information at this time, but that they seriously believe we are gullible or stupid enough to find it satisfactory.

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