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The White Media's Profound Infatuation with Blacks
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A new phase of racial adoration has begun in the US toward Black Americans by the mainstream media and university scholars of the passion-starved white elite. And once again in error, reactionary Black organizations and activist are taking to the blog sphere and web-columns in a desperate attempt to save Black America from itself. One question though: Why is the study of Blacks such an embraced theme among the white media?

They have a never ending fascination with the habits and lifestyles of Blacks - especially Black males - as if they were a pride of African lions. Afterward they report to American society their findings in a very sophisticated stream of propaganda to incite the wanting minds of those awaiting the defeat of Blacks and Black males. This fascination in itself should be studied and psychoanalyzed by someone seeking to unravel the manic minds of the white media who find the existence of Blacks psychologically seductive.

One hypothesis is that white women - who generally lead these studies - and their puppy-dog counterparts of white men, are extremely captivated by the behavior of Blacks - especially Black males. By camouflaging their findings in depressing statistics of failure, death and self-destruction, there is reason to believe there is a secret society of masturbative groups that for some reason cannot achieve a sort of sensual satisfaction in their own circle of pale, white mechanics.

These heretics of graduate schools can find no significant reason to study anyone other culture or subculture of people, such as white males, women, Asian, Islamic men, women or children, or any sect of semi-hetero/homosexual people of color in the United States except for Blacks and Black men.

They search deep within their academic minds and pull out of their tight academic asses a report they proclaim to society all the negative activity about being a Black person, attributing any and all social/immoral lifestyles to Blacks without ever looking into the mirror of their melted pot. So in an ailing attempt to demonize Blacks, they reveal the evils within themselves and the only people unintelligent enough to believe their reports are those who share their barbaric insights and their deep-seated hatred for Blacks.

We never hear or read in the New York Times or on Fox News or CNN or NPR about white teen pregnancy rates, white male suicide/homosexual behavioral rates, drug use or animal cruelty statistics. We never hear or read the stories of Asian violence among themselves, Irish DUI rates, Jewish start-up business rates, Italian hit/homicide rates, white female bisexual rates, or the white populations' lack of compassion toward humanity rates, but we constantly hear about all negatives in the lives of Blacks.

Studies are done by the hundreds on Blacks; Black men, Black women, Black children, in areas of health, sickness, education, economic status, mortality and literacy rates, but never any specific studies on any other culture or subculture in America. This leads us to believe that the white media find the attention of Black people irresistible.

For some reason they are seeking approval, whether good or bad, from Blacks in any area of life. They are in constant awe of our lifestyles, i.e., where we shop, what we eat, how much money we have, what we wear, how we wear it, how our health fairs, how many families there are among us, even whether or not our children are developing and learning in the neglected environments they have "allowed" us to have amidst this great society of self-actualization.

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Their fascination with Blacks - especially young Black men - reveals the deep-seated and hidden desires of white women and the extremely low-level of self-esteem of white men in a society that emphasizes massive amounts of sexual nuances on their television screens for their children to learn from. This, in itself is fascinating: the white populations' need for exotic Black awareness. Their love for brown skin, round lips, curved and cut bodies has become an obsession in the emotionless world of white media personalities, university scholars and corporate presidents.

Psychologically, their humiliation of Black men, women, and children testifies to their own self-hatred, animalistic behavior, and inhumanity. It reveals a perverted and abnormal likeness of a fifteenth century uncivilized hunter starved for acceptance into the civilized world. Theory has shown that people of such determination to humiliate a particular population of people are considered first of all jealous, next insecure with themselves, and finally, terroristic to such a degree that they eventually devour themselves in a state of mental cannibalism.

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