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How America Can Redeem Itself
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Because there is obviously no one contemporary brilliant mind drawn from any of America's prestigious Ivy League Universities (or at least one the news media wants the people to hear) who understands all things greater than money or who can offer a commonsensical solution to the crises America is facing foreign or domestic, Afromerica will lay out an exit strategy that would redeem this country in both areas.

Historical philosophers and scholars of European descent (America's own heroic philosophers) have foretold of this type of crises descending on any country that combines the power of money and greed and manipulates the masses reducing them to servants in the game of capital ventures, using theories; mathematical, scientific, and political/social. One such theory is "Guns and Butter," the brainchild of William Jennings Bryan - who "opposed granting suffrage to freed slaves and generally opposed all progressive reforms aimed at alleviating the oppression of blacks and poor whites."

Macroeconomics describes the "Guns and Butter" theory as a decision a nation makes in determining what to spend money on, whether foreign or domestically. Do we sacrifice our "butter" in terms of investing in the future of America's economy by supporting the increase spending on "guns" in terms of military firepower and intelligence? The United States chose to spend on both under Bush and is now beginning to reap the plunder. Afromerica wrote on this same theory in 2003.

In ''The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,'' the Yale historian Paul M. Kennedy developed this zero-sum model into a sophisticated theory of how empires work. In essence, you need wealth to be able to fight your rivals, but if you devote too much money to war, your wealth tends to stagnate. That's because (according to the theory) investment in the arms industry is less conducive to long-term economic growth than investment in sectors that ultimately satisfy some kind of consumer demand.

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A simpler version of this idea suggests a trade-off between military spending and personal consumption. ''Guns'' are paid for by raising taxes, and this leaves people with less money to spend on ''butter.''

The Bush administration is currently engaged in an audacious -- some would say reckless -- experiment to disprove this theory.

The massive amounts of money the US spends on the war in Iraq have eventually brought the country to its financial knees. The sad thing is media experts and pundits blame everything and everyone except the obvious. Many blame the banks and lending institutions, while some blame Wall Street, some blame the rich and some even have the shameful audacity to blame the poor.

Now if the people had control over how the nation's money is spent, then the people would be responsible for the economy and its rise or fall, but the people have only their designated wages to account for in the economy so any massive financial shift either up or down is not the fault of the people, but those who make the financial decisions. Anyone with any sense at all should see and know that. People have to trust the banks with their money so what are the banks doing with the money?

The stupidity on display from some of America's supposed economic experts are amazing. How anyone in their right mind can lay any blame on the people, especially the poor, for the collapse of an age-old economic institution such as capitalism. Furthermore, the banks cannot accept any blame either seeing they are strictly regulated by the Federal Government. And if the Federal Government control the banks and the banks control the people's money, what does common sense say to the thinking mind? The Federal Government is at fault.

Do not be fooled, Government and capitalism are not completely separate entities, they co-exist together as one. A free-market economy cannot operate without government like a landlord cannot operate without a tenant. Though the tenant pays the cost to live, the landlord owns the property. Neither can exist without the other.

The problem in America between the free market and the government is who has the most power to control the resources and inevitably, which one is more dedicated to the country. In the case of the tenant and landlord, if neither takes care of the maintenance needs of the property, the property will eventually collapse, and that is what has happened to America.

bushwar (24K)Why was Bush re-elected in 2004?

This question is at the base of everyone's mind, including those who voted for Bush in 2004. What the hell possessed people to vote for the economic destruction of their own future? Well, at the time, the full residual effect of "Guns and Butter" had yet to kick in. The country was spending on War and at home, and it began to strain the economy; global business, imports, exports, and the dollar value, which in turn caused investments to slow on Wall Street.

With way too much false confidence, real money, and economic promise floating around the nation, from banks to households, the bottom fell out because there was no money to hold up the promises and the prosperity made by ideas of false security. The nation was not under attack from terrorist, not by far, we were quietly and silently under attack from within by an army of greedy, capitalist-based terrorist cells operating right in our own backyard.

While the media encouraged us to spend, spend, spend and not worry about the economy, we were spending money that was not there but going overseas all the time. While we were getting ourselves deeper into debt every day, the country was too. How stupid the nations' economic, Ivy League graduates must feel right now.

America's leaders are not the brightest minds in the world, in fact, they are considered downright reckless. The country is in financial turmoil not only here, but abroad also. The war cast a completely negative shadow over America's ability to think and reason with other countries and questioned their moral motives toward the world itself.

In a blind and greedy attempt to imperialize the world, we dug ourselves into a hole that no one in the media, Whitehouse, or on the nation's board of brilliance wants to admit.

While the tenant believed the landlord was taking care of business, complying with local and state licensing and health regulations and telling them not to worry about it and to go ahead and refinance to remodel and add-on, the landlord was all the time spending the profits on repaying a debt he owed in a law suit. And finally, the bills came due and the tenant got stuck with the cost being passed on to him.

On top of all the economic tragedy, racism has loomed as a potential evil and fueled America's spiral on a downward road of self-destruction. Ironically, capitalist greed and good ole' boy racism have finally caught up to the developers of the New World Order and brought about a curse from a power the United States have long attempted to destroy. Without reliable spiritual advice like many other countries, America is lapse in judgment in every area of social operation and continues to reach back to the old comfort zone of group camaraderie.

A new generation is emerging and if it is squashed, silenced or oppressed by the continued voice of race superiority, the country will remain a greedy, racist, curse to the world. Either the old network is overturned now, or America will continue to face themselves in the mirrors of historical humiliation. Which, quite frankly, seems to be inevitable because race matters are so deeply ingrained in the psyche of America's children?

dollar001 (15K)What happen to the people's power?

Americans are stressed out. High gas prices, high health cost, high food cost, high cost of college, loss of jobs, loss of homes, shrinking dollar value, bad credit crises, unsurity of the future and multiplied job stress have forced the average American into desperate situations. The more people get desperate, the more they think outside the box, even if it is unethical, and the more institutions feel forced to tighten and crack down.

Added fees, higher cost passed on to consumers and laws passed that punish people for their inability to meet the extreme demands of an economy gone wrong have placed America in a very precarious situation. We are overwhelmed with confusion. The minds of the Ivy League scholars have failed us because they themselves have not the ability to understand that too much stress on the average family will cause a fall in the nation overall. In other words, when you treat your help like dirt, expect the help to eventually tell you to "kiss their ass."

The War has caused America to compromise the economy. This is the problem. There is no victory in this war; there is only defeat, especially of the American economy and family. The nation and world await new leadership that will see and put things in its proper perspective, i.e., stop the war and focus on the homeland. Deal justly and rightfully with the people in the land and the people will support their country outward to the world.

Like a battered housewife of a drunken madman, the American people have grown tired and suspect of its leadership, the country's practice of racism, greed, and advantageous attitude toward people with money. A lesson not learned by America's brilliant minds will further drive the country into the ground. A country with leaders that believe race superiority, money, and military power earns them respect and make a better world, will no doubt collapse in the end. Seeking peace and care for the poor will make America a better place.

The answer is as simple as caring for the populous. Hopefully, there are people in leadership in this country that can push this agenda because if they do not and continue to allow greed and arrogance to rule, believing that colonizing the world using a form of Democracy that has failed in its own land, and pulling the trigger on and incarcerating people apparently weaker than they, this country will fulfill the prophesy foretold by prophets of old and will fall to a state of One World Government lead by a very unforgiving beast.

No time for Illuminati thinking or secret society rules, the world is at the point of an explosion and if America wants to be spared the coming destruction, it has to withdraw from the axis of evil and become a true advocate of the people. The spiritual leaders of this country are asleep and blinded by the promise of freedom and Democracy when in fact, freedom and Democracy comes in only one form, and that is without oppression of the people.

Damn the old rule and prepare for the end.

© Oct 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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