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Many people may think capitalism has no real effect on them and their lives because it is a big boy's game of Wall Street traders, corporate raiders and wealthy foreigners, however, capitalism's dirty game is played down at your local shopping plaza, and with a most hypocritical exchange of morality. This story of a father and his son can expose what is hidden deep within the shadows of capitalism.

As they passed a martial arts studio in the neighborhood plaza, his son curiously asked was Tae Kwon Do hard to learn. The father, of course, told his son nothing is too hard to learn if you put your mind and heart into it. This obviously burned into the mind of the eight year-old because a week later, he asked the mother if they could afford Tae Kwon Do school.

The mother and father collaborated on enrolling their son because they wanted him to spend more of his high energy on something worthy instead of the living room furniture, and two weeks later, he started his first class. Six months later, he advanced through the belts well into his purple belt, which is 5 belts below the black belt. Once students advance to purple, they are ready to enter the higher, more intense training.

Well, the instructor and the head regional Master of Arts instructor complimented the young man on his skills and encouraged the parents to prepare him for the higher ranking club. They set a private appointment to watch the child's skills and decided he was ready. The father was proud and his son thrilled. Now comes the darkside of capitalism.

After the private session, the instructor set the father down in the office and slid him a payment chart that prices the advanced club at twice the rate they were paying now. The father was taken aback because he thought his son was moving up to the higher ranking because of his skill, personal merit, and individual ability, but that was not the case, it was about the money.

The father rejected the offer and removed his son from the school. Yes, the son was disappointed and so was the father but after months went by, they got over it. The son hinted a few times about returning but the father explained to him that he was sort of upset with the school because of the money factor. He figured, if advancement was about hard work, perseverance, and personal merit, why was their a price attached? He explained this to the son and the son understood, and had his first lesson on capitalism and he vowed one day to continue his Tae Kwon Do training somewhere where they valued skill over money.

This same scenario is played out in many areas of life in capitalist America. The mainstream belief is if you work hard and persevere, you can have anything you want, however, if you want to reach the top, money plays a large part. In education and the Ivy League, it is about money. In business it is not how hard you work, it is how much money you have and who you know. In healthcare, it is not whether you have health insurance; it is how much you are willing to pay to get better.

Many areas of capitalist America set standards based on money as opposed to personal effort, merit, or even human need. The hypocrisy in the mainstream says that if you work hard and pay your bills, you can earn a perfect credit score and get more of what you want. It does not base your worthiness on how honest a person is or how hard they work, but whether they are disciplined enough with money to handle more money. The sad part is; people have fallen to believe this is true or simply the way it is. If that is so, then there is no wonder the economic situation of this country have fallen so hard, because the economy was based on what people owe or can pay.

We have been told to work hard for what we want for so long we cannot see that regardless of how hard we work, there is a stopping block or another advanced club that takes twice as much as you have worked for in order to advance any further. We must all realize that capitalist America is for the rich, not the hard working. The hard working must learn to be content with what things they have earned. So the father told his son.

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