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scientist (2K)Blacks Genetically Prone to AIDs is a Damn Lie

The lies of the media and American science have gotten completely ludicrous. The so-called study that is being publicly declared by American research scientist and scholars is obviously a lead off the CNN "Black in America" crap story that is nothing more than an easy out to create more lies about Black people.

It should be crime what these spoiled rotten white children of racist are allowed to do with the American media and academic institutions. In fact, it is a crime. They have taken it and used it as their own tool for propaganda and lies about Blacks and the destruction of Black life. They have taken it and smeared the image of Blacks and to use it to undermine Black intelligence and common sense and to exploit the fears of Blacks, for the sake of whites.

If the American media continue to use this as a means to humiliate Blacks, someone - like one of the so-called Black leaders - MUST crawl from under their coward's rock and stand up and say something, any damn thing. But it seems these Black leaders cannot get their lips off their white asses long enough to say something to whitey's face about the lies they tell.

Claiming that Blacks have a gene that will most likely bring them AIDs is like saying Blacks are more likely to catch a cold because of their genetic make-up. It is a stupid assumption, asinine and a completely false theory. Any Black person who believes this is an idiot and should be stricken from human existence and any white person who believes this and uses it as a measurement against Blacks should be hanged.

The American media, again, are the most racist, hypocritical, liars in the world.

© July 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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