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obama-black (20K)How Does Barack Obama Close the Deal? Follow Michael Jackson's Example - Turn White
By Dan Hardman

I remember when 14 y.o. Venus Williams was on the verge of launching her professional tennis career. During a TV interview, she was badgered by the white reporter who kept asking her questions like, "Can you beat her? Can you win." Finally, her father Richard Williams having had enough, stood up and exploded, "How many times are you going to ask her that question? She's answered it and you keep asking the same question."

All this chatter about Barack Obama's poll performance reminds me of that interview. It's always been crystal clear to me that he had a hill the size of the Matter horn to climb. What you see now is a piling on of negative upon negative, impossibility upon impossibility onto Obama, and even though this is a new arena, it's the same old line of hate disguised as journalism.

Anytime a black person begins pushing into an area traditionally occupied by whites there is strong resentment, a gnashing of teeth if you will. But because Obama is venturing into those most sacred of waters - the United States presidency - then that gnashing and negativity intensifies like never before. To state it clearly, if Barack Obama were a first term senator, with two best-sellers, and had vanquished the Democratic Party's first family - the Clintons - and he were WHITE, he would be ahead in the polls by 50 points or more, Republicans would be jumping ship like Mexican jumping beans, and the election would be all but over.

Color aside, neither party has ever put forth a candidate like Barack Obama, yet even National Public Radio (NPR), considered to be the mouthpiece of the liberal left, has taken a noticeably negative tone when reporting on Obama. It was clear during the primaries that NPR was pro-Clinton, but the back-handedness with which they have handled Obama since the beginning of the general campaign is shameful.

In one report, an NPR reporter said that Sen. Obama said that he could eliminate foreign oil imports in 10years. Not true. Sen. Obama said in the energy plan he recently laid out that he could eliminate foreign oil dependence. There's a huge difference. It's one thing to import oil, it's quite another to be dependent on that oil. In another report, Mara Liaison reported that Obama 'limped' across the finish line to claim his party's nomination. He beat no less than the Clinton machine, for God's sake! A first-term, black male senator came from nowhere and beat the wife (herself a two term Senator) of the most popular Democratic president since JFK!

Now he's running against a white 72 y.o., Viet Nam vet/former POW, 25+year male senator, and they think he should be running 15-20 points ahead in the polls?! It's the Venus interview all over again. The only way he could achieve that is by pulling a Michael Jackson and turning white. Apparently, his being half white isn't good enough, for either the other of half the electorate or, it seems, most of the press.

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