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Diversity Candidate Identification:
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Technology has pushed the search for employment to the Internet, on sites such as and CareerBuilder along with many other job search engines. This trend has brought about a new and most clever form of racial identification and job discrimination. Instead of looking you in the face and secretly denying you the job while filling out an application, now they simply ask you to check the box that says you are Black.

Has any Civil Rights or Civil Liberties organization thought about the blatant form of potential race discrimination this possesses? The relevance of why any employer would ask this question at all should cross the mind of someone, seeing we live in a culturally diverse nation that claims no race discrimination exists.

One would think that this type of race screening would be illegal in today's society, but obviously, America has not moved beyond who is what color. Who knows what goes on behind the webpage after the applicant submits the form and it reads, "I am a Diversity Candidate and I am a Black woman or man." Who knows if the employer is not saying to himself, "trash that one and this one," simply because they identified themselves as Black or African American?

Are we on the honor system and are suppose to believe that no one would do such a thing and that those type thoughts do not cross their minds because we live in a race free, non-discriminatory America? Well, America's honor system is definitely not trustworthy seeing Black unemployment is up and whites have 76% of the corporate jobs making six figures and Blacks are living just above or below the median average income levels.

Who is monitoring whether this is a problem or not? No one, that's who, they DO care about what color you are because this is a racist country that wants to know that the candidate they are going to give an interview to is one of their own before a Black person.

Has anyone wondered why there is no check box for Islamic people? Because Islamic people are considered white in America. Why? Because they are not subject to America's racial screening process as long as they give us oil.

So how can Black job seekers get around this new age Jim Crowism? We cannot because if you do not check the box that tells what color you are, the form will not complete. So that leaves the only alternative, check the box of another color. However, once you do that, you have denied your race and have been taught to subliminally hate yourself. But at least now you know how whites feel about you and that racism remains strong. That is an Internet fact.

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