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blacksnews (3K)National Attack on Blacks through your Local News Affiliate

Has anyone noticed that Blacks are particularly profiled when certain stories are covered? When your local news cover stories pertaining to crime, poverty, bad health or disease, fraud, crises in education, negative city rulings; even if the culprits in the story are rightly that of white persuasion, somehow Blacks always seem to make the camera shots. This tactic is designed to subliminally implant negative images of Blacks into the public's mindset.

In contrast, whites are portrayed as either heroes, doing a public service, cute, normal and average, and or doing the expected. The tactic has proven to be a nationwide one because it is reported as prevalent in almost all cities and towns. Even if there are only 2 Black people in a town, the faces seen by the viewers on a negative story will probably be Black ones. This may seem far-fetched to some, but take notice sometime.

Crime, especially, has a prime focus on Blacks. Even if the crime happened in a white neighborhood, workplace or school, for instance, the assailant is always assumed as Black, either indirectly or inadvertently. When showing discriptions, the suspect is covered by a hood, under dark light, or imaged to resemble a dark figure so the viewer can identify with a Black person. Likewise, when the discussion is about drugs, a shooting, burglary or anything the police (white ones) have to speak on, images or screen shots of Black people are shown.

foodstamps (3K)When poverty is the topic, video tapings of the waiting area of the welfare or food stamp office, emergency rooms or homeless shelters, even if there are other races of people in the room, a Black person seems to make the backdrop. In rare cases of defrauding the government or innocent people, a Black person is shown as a witness, possible suspect or simply walking by in the background.

When the city has made an unpopular decision where it affects the lives of the city's residents, a Black city official is interviewed and questioned, made to explain the decision, or shown in the background at a city council meeting. And when public education comes into question and the topic has anything to do with discipline, special education, or a disturbance at a school campus, Black children make the scene.

Simply take notice at these observations the next time you watch your local television news. You will see the subtle distinguishes among stories where Blacks are somehow portrayed in the most negative light. This is not in just one city or your city, this happens all over the nation, which raises the question of conspiracy against Black image.

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