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obamacos (4K)In Defense of the Black Father

Here we go again; another Black man in the public spotlight falling in lock step with stereotypical criticism of Black men without acknowledging not one iota of the many contributing factors to the rise of single families in the Black community. With all due respect to Obama the brother, in his Cosby-style criticism of Black fathers on Father's day, he obviously does not know what the hell he is talking about or simply have not given it much thought.

Let us discuss this on an honest level, considering the fact that it takes two to tangle. This has been said and suggested over and over and has been dismissed by Black men haters over and over, but Black women have to bare some - at least half - of this responsibility, dammit. Black men are sick and tired of taking it upside the head from bougee Black brothers out to echo the sentiment of white hate for Black men.

As Afromerica has written before, Black women do not have to open their legs in the first place. If they do not, there would be no Black man to father their children, so go get a white man to do it. So let us understand this simple dilemma of which came first. Talk about taking responsibility? WTF! When did Black women become excused from this issue?

Well from this blind-sighted oppressive system of Black-men haters, have exploded a plan to punish Black fathers - all fathers - giving complete sanctuary to women, especially Black women. The child support system is the most destructive system in the country and no one, no Black politician, so-called leader, or cultural leader have stood up against the injustices done by this system against innocent men, all for the sake of feminist domination and aggression.

So until someone actually addresses the real issue of the system and women themselves, they need to shut the hell up or at least debate with someone who knows and sees the truth about the malice and discrimination this country has against Black men where it pertains to their families.

There is simply no factual data showing that Black men just up and walk away from their children, this is all complete speculation and stereotyping of the worst kind. What about the Black women who have taken advantage of the politics of liberal "Choice" theory and simply choose to have children without fathers.

And what about white men and single white women, and the fact that the Black fathers of today are those raised by single women of the eighties who were fed crack cocaine pumped in by Mexican drug gangs supposedly controlled by United States DEA. Crack babies, crack heads, prison confinement, crack sentencing, and the other factors that contributed to the fall of the Black family. Remember The Moynihan Report?

Fathers usually teach their children to think before they speak. However, it is obvious that some so-called Black leaders and gatekeepers lack fatherly direction and are hurting so they generalize the problem from the view of hate.

For the record, there are Black men who are being fathers to the children of other Black men. There are Black men who are raising their children, and there are Black women who make it hard for Black men to be fathers. Will any one address these issues? Hell no, because they are either completely ignorant to the above issues or simple do not give a damn, and would just as well see Black men not succeed or their families healed.

© June 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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