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How to Live the New American Dream
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The American dream our parents and grandparents lived to achieve is no longer the same dream for families today. Times have changed and so have the living standards and strategies to survive. Do not continue to be deceived by the so-called American dream of owning a home with a white picket fence, two kids and a dog; forget it. Life must become more streamlined, simple, and practical. Here are some tips on living for the next century.

Job security is no more. Working 35 years for the same company and retiring with a gold watch is obsolete. Healthcare, education, and property have become harder to obtain in today's society or simply to expensive, which decreases a person's chances of purchasing all the luxuries of life at any one time without going into massive debt. The conveniences of technology are only afforded to those with a certain level of education, which consist of either a master's degree or PhD, or those who are fortunate enough to be wealthy.

The average working family must learn to live from the basics and work for the things they truly need. Some need healthcare for a loved one so they have to work toward minimizing other conveniences and put all they have into health coverage. Others have to work simply to have a place to live with heat, water, food and clothing, and still others can only afford to attend certain schools in an attempt to elevate their lives to a better income bracket.

The community and family support structures have been broken down by courts, social services, and government decrees and laws so people have to learn to choose their friends and associates carefully. Envy, jealousy and a sense of survival of the fittest have forced many to narrow their circle of friends and family and focus only on their own situations.

Crime has shifted and increased from neighborhood home burglaries and carjacking to identity theft, business fraud, and corporate scandal. People have to find ways to protect themselves from such crime in new ways. Many are opening and closing bank accounts twice sometimes three times a year to steer clear of identity theft and fraud. People have to narrow their choice of employers more because some are only taking those with good credit, government security clearances, or the best health and even non-smokers.

Marriage has dwindled, children are born one at a time and sometimes years apart. Zero tolerance for youth, abortion, and birth control have decided our fate for our families and no more can we choose to have the type of families we may want. Society discourages big families, are suspect of people living off the system, and frown on discipline as a means of raising children. More money goes into childcare than many families can handle but because of longer work days and the need for both parents in the workforce, not many people have a choice but to pay.

Cars have become more expensive and cheaper in quality, and so has houses. Medicine and drugs are more accessible to adults and children via doctors themselves as well as street dealers. More people are becoming criminalized by the many laws implemented on the books of Congress. Fines, penalties, restrictions, taxes, fees, and all other forms of withdrawing money from the average working person is growing with no end in sight, while the living wage does not grow.

To survive in this day and age, people must devise ways to make their own money instead of depending on employers as a means to an end. People must hold tight to their cash and save their money as opposed to buying into credit. We must learn to buy a car and pay on it to own it instead of trading it in for another car note. Downsizing to smaller families, houses, and cars will help us to survive.

Educating ourselves instead of buying into student loans is always helpful. Reading more can help in learning new skills and trades. Understanding business practices and laws also helps in ventures of entrepreneurship. Teaching our children how to become entrepreneurs prepares them for an unstable workforce and economy and teaching them respect for family and others helps establish character and discipline.

Learning to eat better foods and having healthier diets helps to reduce sickness so we do not have to depend too much on the healthcare system and its expenses. Simple preventative maintenance on the body and mind does a body more good than eating from fast food restaurants and junk food. Learning to cook good meats, fresh vegetables and homemade dinners reduces the chances of sickness. Abstinence from sex (all ages) and more education of sexual diseases also reduces health risk.

We must all learn to downsize our lives, live within our means, and be content with such things we have and not try to strive for riches and prestige and popularity because all those things tear away at reasonable plans for living and surviving. Arrogance, lust and envy of others will lead a person on a most destructive road while travelling through this life and we can no longer afford to live dangerously.

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