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  Afro Marriage

gaymarriage (20K)No One should feel Obligated to Support Gay Marriage, Especially Blacks

Homosexuality is taking over American society and culture. The trend today is that if you are opposed to any forms of homosexual lifestyle, you are socially backwards and still living in the dark ages. Even many conservatives are changing their views under the pressures of political correctness. However, people should stand for what they believe in and not compromise based on popular culture.

More states are condoning gay marriage, more gay activist groups are protesting for group rights, and more politicians, judges and lawyers are leaning toward incorporating gay lifestyle into mainstream America. Schools are adopting gay courses, families are restructuring, employers are bending over, and Hollywood has completely conformed.

The American public is being forced to accept homosexuality as normal whether we protest against it or not and if anyone is found speaking their minds or exercising their free speech, they are YouTubed, twittered, and face booked as hateful.

Despite the health hazards that come along with the homosexual lifestyle, it is continually promoted by mainstream media and Hollywood while smokers and obesity are treated as psychological disorders. In the near future, health organizations and HMOs will be forced to insure the illnesses that come along with homosexuality and to discard any illnesses that come with smoking, overeating, drinking, and eventually sleeping.

The double-standard stinks and people should stand by their principles to avoid further nasty stains on American culture. American homosexuality is becoming the talk of the world. We are known as a gay nation.

Many Blacks are against homosexuality and gay marriage, as evidenced in California with Prop 8, and many other cultures: Hispanics, Asian Americans, Islamic Americans and others do not support homosexuality as the norm, but white America, in its guilt-torn conscience, are rushing to include any and everyone so they can feel better about themselves proving to the world that they are not, sexist, racist, homophobes.

Some Black Americans have somehow come down with this homophobic guilt as well, being pressured to accept gay rights based on faulty logic and comparisons to the Black struggle and Civil Rights. The argument is weak and even many gays can see that. But as long as there are some Black conformists out there living to fulfill their emulation of whiteness, there will always be a push toward Black Americans to accept gay rights based on that argument.

Blacks, nor anyone of any culture born and raised to believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman should feel pressured to accept it as normal and start changing their views and opinions about it. We should all stand strong on our belief system and see life and nature as it was meant and has been for thousands of years.

Eventually, however, America will fall to another low because of the reaping of white guilt - to include everyone as long as they have a half way decent argument compared to some historical event, regardless of how abnormal the lifestyle may be.

Gay rights, pet and animal rights, and child rights are either temporal or circumstantial, unlike women, minority and Black rights, which are universal.

In 25 years, America will be majority gay.

© May 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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