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food_price (12K) Food Prices Remain High

Though oil and commodity prices have dropped over the past 6 months, food prices remain high. And while all the attention of corporate greed is focused on bankers and Wall Street, other corporate pirates are continuing to gouge the people on the sly.....[more]

maig (10K) Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)? How About Mayors Against Bigoted Judges

Prepare for a new wave of non-violent offender convictions and a rise in juvenile incarcerations in every major city in the country. While right-wing conspiracist are arming themselves for the "War on Blacks and minorities," big city mayors will be creating a whole new criminal class of what white society has told them are society's criminals.....[more]

darkside (5K) The Darkside of Capitalism

Many people may think capitalism has no real effect on them and their lives because it is a big boy's game of Wall Street traders, corporate raiders and wealthy foreigners, however, capitalism's dirty game is played down at your local shopping plaza, and with a most hypocritical exchange of morality. This story of a father and his son can expose what is hidden deep within the shadows of capitalism....[more]

How to Live the New American Dream
middleclass (10K)

The American dream our parents and grandparents lived to achieve is no longer the same dream for families today. Times have changed and so have the living standards and strategies to survive. Do not continue to be deceived by the so-called American dream of owning a home with a white picket fence, two kids and a dog; forget it. Life must become more streamlined, simple, and practical. Here are some tips on living for the next century...[more]

How to Live the New American Dream

Zero Tolerance for Hostile Cops

The Ultimate Setup: The Suspicious Rise of Black Leadership

The Making and Use of the American Uncle Tom Negro

Natural Born Murderers

No One should feel Obligated to Support Gay Marriage, Especially Blacks

A Deeper State of Illusion: Immorality on the Rise in America

Top 10 Reasons Black Women Cannot Find a Good Man

The Oscar Grant Files

Katrina Reinforced Slave Cruelty

Reaping the Sowings of the Prosperity Gospel

This is not the Promise Land

The White Media's Profound Infatuation with Blacks

Forgive Us Our Debt

Racism in America: "Alive and well" - By M. Quinn

How America Can Redeem Itself

Forgive Us Our Debt

Blacks Cannot be Blamed
everyone, not just blacks, should take responsibility
A Cold Blooded Execution
the killing of Oscar Grant
A New American Chapter
Barak Obama: 44th president of the United States
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