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By T. Duffy

In a country where greed takes no second place to God, the tradition of this society dating back further than most of us can remember is to control those of a weaker status or anyone with possibilities.

Let's not forget the European agenda was and still is to function on that premise, although recent economic concerns may have required some to relax on the effort. Although it would be easy to say Africans were probably in the wrong place at the wrong time, just to make a point.

Trying to visualize that period never existed when Africans touched this soil; with that image the condition for most whites would have been much different. But since that didn't happen either, Jim-Crow could have been sanctioned by them to be their savior, since they made a definite effort to make sure it worked.

So I'm not blaming the influential or rich white folks; I'm talking about poor whites. They who took the offer they couldn't refuse from white men who owned the mortgages on their farms, homes and businesses and futures. Poor and struggling whites who pushed and administered Jim Crow publicly, that also created a void amongst us.

Although we were dealing with bigotry from America, we also had a touch of it amongst ourselves, besides segregating neighborhoods that were privy to only the black bourgeois as they preferred to call themselves. These were blacks who were allowed to mingle with whites because they were fairer skin, contributed to white's economics or kept them abreast to what was going on amongst the black populous.

Little was going on that was noticeable until the civil rights movement, so many were depending on someone to lead. Meantime, many blacks existed in a quandary of uncertainty of self-denial and social-replication relating to the white society as a means of survival.

But the villain who gets little credit are influential white men who portrays themselves to be God fearing, high on morals and respect for anyone who do things his way. They are the men who voted down or limited needed resources for educating blacks, but supported the bill to give free cheese and welfare checks. He's the guy who says he believes in law and order, yet his orders to those who administer it often in his behalf, are those who don't have to show discretion when it pertains to certain people, [the period when the black population of men increased].

Knowing there were other non white groups living in the country, why was segregation so dynamic for us? Why was the cruelty towards us more profound than any other group? Was it only because of our dark skin, was it because we were products of slaves, or was it because they were hearing more from us then the others? No one has asked that question, at least not publicly. Regardless, during that period is when the damage was done.

When people or countries are living under the interference and influence of invading sources for decades sometimes, a sudden change of heart to remove themselves has shown to create social and sometimes economic disorder.

Although it would seem to be the right thing to do, it rarely removes the most dangerous who hangs back to continue many of the same traditions of the past but in a more devious manner. So this is when people or sometimes a leader of the same ethnic identity is placed in positions to do their bidding, because many are paid in some way to do so. I call it undercover enslavement because they often prevent unity that's needed to build a foundation and also necessary to reestablish lives and traditions.

We've been lucky here, because there are more blacks fighting still to get our just due, than those who still oppose it because of personal gains. But pick a place in the world that was once colonized, where the people are living without some disorder.

Poverty, an overwhelming amount of crime perpetrated against their people, lack of education, does it sound familiar. We may not have been basically engaged someplace else, but most of our lives we lived amongst whites who interfered in our lives, told us constantly what we were doing wrong and criticized us even when we did things right. What was suitable for us, not them.

Even today they're still trying to tell us what to do and how to do it and those same remnants of blacks who followed their trends also agree. Blacks who warned us about letting down our guards to soon because they saw what was ahead, usually got little concern, often because of the fear of anything that was different, unless it were something they actually connect too.

The importance of learning how politics affected their lives was shunned, followed by conclusions that politics and God was two things they didn't want to get involved in. Yet an individual's policy and political beliefs is what keeps us in this mess.

Whites in general may not be as smart as we give them credit for, but they listen and abide by people who keep them abreast of what they have been keeping from us for decades. I've suggested [time] has a way of rectifying all wrongs. Unfortunately, we're still unprepared to weather the storm because we've taught ourselves to wait, so in many ways we have agreed with it. So if the worse does come, it won't pass us by.

To end this on a quick note, my annoyance yet concern are for the young black men who have the power because of economics to set a better legacy for themselves than what has been seen. Of course, I'm in no position to tell them how to spend money, but my concern isn't about money, it's their character.

It's being in a position to help them and not be at the mercy of a system that has shown they will extend their hand, but not without criticism. I understand what may still motivate some to live their lives in a state of paranoia, but it's now their responsibility to be responsible.

© Feb 2009 T. Duffy || [TOP]


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