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SHIV & EAIDS = Self Hate Immuno Viron & Eco Acquired Immuno Deficient System & PYRAMID BUILDING GENIUS 21st Century
By Charles Davis

1. YES: The Original Creative ArtistCHD, vehemently proclaims: That the whole world wide SYSTEM, is suffering from the terminal infectious VIRON of Psychosomatic Physiological Panic & Pain. Causing undue stress and producing the inflammation of cellular tissues, cancer, hyper-hypo-tension, arterial plaques-pressure, stroke-heart attack-cardiac arrest, hysteria, insanity and spiritual death...

2. Of course the untrained dummies in denial and uninitiated idiots will say that it doesn't at all exist. Ignoramuses who are silly fools not being able to admit that this is more than just a possibility. BUT, I say that it has formed a flagrant pattern and widespread practice that has extremist and terrorist negative manifest realities that are circumstantially "DIRE"!!!

3. "YES WE CAN"; SI SE PUEDE-YES YOU CAN, understand and comprehend the actual presence of this devastating, detrimental and vicious Viron. However, it's also extremely hard to detect by the scientific community of medical scientists. Laboratory test tubes are useless.

4. Likewise, the religious churches, mosques, temples, cathedrals, synagogues, are not able to discern the difference between this good and bad, demonic spirits, harmful bacteria of thought impulses, and contagious germs of faulty hypothesized reasoning. For they hide clandestinely or hid stealthily for generations, dormant as sleeping cells, throughout the historical ages, up until right now this present day: Tuesday, February, 17, 2009....4:40 AM

5. FEAR & FRIGHT: Meaning by definition: "an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger... anxious concern.... worry." Such as the constant media madness broadcasting a broken down economy, and bankrupt system of all things, generating cowardice or loss of courage to spend the little money we have for fear of going completely broke; imaginary or real. Negatively charged, the electrifying electron alarm bells and shocking sirens sound off in a manner that terrifies the public at large!!

6. DREAD & DANGER: Meaning that society has been shocked by a sick sinister serpent system! One that has been poisoning the brain's thinking mind for a very long-extended time. And simply just didn't happen to become terminally ill; over night, by this newly discovered deadly SHIV & EAIDS!!

7. The senses of the human beings are in a critical state of internal affairs. Homicidal & Suicidal!! Prompting people to feel extreme reluctance to meet or face the real difficult posed problems in their personal-individual and collective lives. And fear greatly the idea and concept of drastic CLIMATIC "CHANGE"!

8. DANGEROUSLY DIRE: Predictions, forecasts, prophesies, has produced adverse mental effects & affects, upon the whole of humanity. Assaulting and attacking GODDESS Mother Nature's Earthly Humanity & HER natural immune system. Encroaching upon the vital forces of life itself. Which Nurturing Woman; has historically defended and protected us from the invasion of so many menacing mad media meteorites. Megabytes of toxic "Tell-Lie-Vision"; violent movies of immorality weakening the moral stability nationally and internationally all around our GlobalWorldNations!!!

9. WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE'S: Lives are perceived to be in sudden danger. Abysmally deep down inside a multitude of us are feeling that we have been over-exposed and or have acquired liability to imminent injury, harm, and ungodly wicked evil! Worry & Paranoia. Don't drink the water, don't eat the food syndromes. A self imposed hypnotic trance paralyzing the mind and body and spirit with lethal venom; in the forms of negative programming. Branding the mental faculties, by using the hot pitch fork sharpened to a pin-point. Projected with talk of hard times, hazardous wastes, and the perils of taking anymore financial risks. Thinking that "We Have Arrived" at a peaceful rest stop, to wait patiently on the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama US President.

10. ALBEIT THE TRUE SPIRIT LOVE OF LIFE; Is a high risk factor, gamble with the odds of fate element, where humankind has to walk a tight rope with dynamically equal balance. Git/get up off their lazy asses and make things advantageous happen. On the strength, soundly based on the merits, by hope-faith-belief, and not really knowing what the outcome is precisely going to be? INTUITION.

11. Yet we who are not worrying and are never fearful but boldly brave survivors, are employing our Constructive Creative Imagination, Innovative Experimentation, Inquisitive Investigation & Artistic Examination!!

12. GOD & GODDESS: Have allowed or permitted mankind to DAMN & CURSE or BLESS himself! And he has messed everything up to extreme degrees, ruined a prosperous life style for everybody else, inclusively, plants, animals, insects, fish, and humans. We are persistently told, reminded, admonished, cautioned and warned!

13. Thus THEIR ETERNAL LAWS, are set in precious stone and clay, sand and silt. Which are unchangeable, with its orbiting planetary body permanently set in perfected organizational order and harmonic arrangement. Neither movable nor shakable by humankind. Its COSMIC ENERGY SOLAR SUN SYSTEM SUPER STAR is STABLE!!

14. Therefore, somebody else must ...Give... by the scientific Laws of Physics, be removed, shaken into instability in a tsunami tidal wave of Trials & Tribulations. For who's the stronger, most powerful; the CREATORS or the Creatures Created? We are seeing and witnessing who's the big bold boss, and certainly experiencing just how weak and deficient and degenerative we are!

15. But those who trust in their god-selves from within, the divinity inside humankind, the residing Spirit which is the Love of Life; then we are being saved by the grace of revitalized resilience!

16. CITIZENS, Government Leaders, Officials, Authorities all together, have been duped-bribed-brainwashed to believe that they are sick and dying from some physical disease of a diverse sort. Watch out don't breathe the un-fresh air, we're repeatedly told. Real news stories and made up ones added together to produce a psycho-physiological state of acute tension, chronic pain and long lasting-terminal term-suffering! Would be sweet dreams have turned sour and repugnant and into a living nightmare!! So they say.

17. YES: THE HOMO SAPIENS HUMAN RACE: black, white, pink, red, brown, tan, yellow colored skin pigmentation, did it to themselves and our own selves. Taught self-dislike, self-abnegation, self-hatred hostile energy emotions. Now we are finally faced with the practice of "Protectionism" in the country's trade processes. In gross violation of international trade agreements and binding contracts, etc. It constitutes leadership panic and painful desire to survive the propagandized publicized crazy cycling crisis!

18. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY STRUCTURE: By way of 'The Power of Intention"! It's inevitable when the rapid population explosion pose an overcrowded living condition. Where people are expanding and settling into the wooded forests, hillsides, and beach front ocean coastal sands, spreading their negative charged energies, bad dispositions and spiteful attitudes, bad behaviors and these types of general dislikes.

19. Which is obviously known to most of us, how such deaden spiritual contents of characters, collectively impresses their heavy weight under gravity on the available resources. Putting a severe strain on the economy with the building of extravagant mansion homes- excessively costly real-estate properties, in the surreptitious midst of highly paid career salary bribes, elevated union scale wages, causing the financial system of inflated egos. Along with the cost of living expenses constantly on the rapid rise, generating huge pockets of poverty and poor living standards for too many people. The infected pus bubble reached its balloon size pressure point, thus unavoidably did faithfully burst. Blew its volcanic stack into a very violent eruption. Civil Unrest & Civil War!!

20. For the old-dying system is structured in a way or manner that does not allow it to share equably with each other in a fair and just form. When jobs-employment-careers get scarce, requiring more effort to attain, then, the stock raven lazy citizens of society, want more than what they are willing and ready to work harder for. Stubbornly like jackasses refusing to make self-accountable sacrifices due to being spoiled rotten to the bone and marrow. Like little immature babies, temper tantrums are to be expected. Every one wants to have their own way; but, they can't anymore!

21. And this mighty force of trying circumstances is controlling their baby making bad habits, rich or poor. Women and men are divorcing and separating at an alarming rate, in large numbers. Self-divide and self-conquer. Suffering a loss of true love and affection for each other. Can't stand how he or she looks-talks-walks-sits-eats-dresses-acts-smell and distasteful unlovable sensations of these kinds of unforgiving feelings. Discontent with intimate relationships that might lead to having unprotected sexual intercourse. It's no mere coincidence or haphazard accident. Having a total loss of appetite; slimming down, stream lining, down sizing, out sourcing, anorexic skinny dipping. Which means StopPointBlankPeriod, having more children than the existing system can afford; to feed, medicate, teach-educate and most of all truly LOVE.
22. MARRIAGE & WEDLOCK & HOLY MATRIMONY; is being taken over by what we call Gays. Gay Society. Seeming to be somewhat of a natural selection..., alternative culture... in order to slow down the massive production of infants and or pregnant females. Thus give chance for so many unwanted, orphan youth, to receive loving parents and friendly homes.

I'm talking about same sex marriage adoptions; that are on the prevailing increase. Referring to True Lesbians; females who date intimately and affectionately with the same sex or gender, and men likewise who are doing the same thing. And yes they can, have all of the physical lust of the human flesh and blood, sexual affairs, and not one unloved child will be born. A lack of conception via this strategic course of confirmatory cause of action is effectually population control!

23. Plus the overwhelming majority of the gays are not accepted openly in the armed services, US military branches-Army-Air Force, Navy and Marines, so then, common sense tells us that they will remain on the homeland domestic front. Populating profusely. Legally kept out of these bloody conflicts and deadly wars coming swiftly on THE EVENT HORIZON.

24. REVELATIONS: Call them sexual perverts, cross dressers, freaks, transsexual, homosexual, drag queens, queers, or any other descriptive names. They are in fact taking over the nations. Albeit I just love being STRAIGHT forward >>> heterosexual. Seeing that I'm not the one who has had a bunch of kids running wild or tamed. It's all good, it's all gravy!

25. The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth's Divine Nature, is under those Eternal Spirit Commands of our Universe. SHE, by HER very nature and essence, must exact measures in which keep things in dynamic equal balance, as far as it encompasses the whole of humanity. Besides, We have educational institutions that literally wrongly educate their students. Misinform the classroom kids with grossly distorted science and history studies. Surely by now they ought to be shut down, closed up permanently. Home schooling shall suffice for the time being. Until "we have arrived" in our New World Day!

26. NOBODY IS ANY BETTER THAN THE OTHER... INNATELY: Meaning that the selfish notion of one calling on our SPIRIT CREATORS, to bless only their own nations, own sex preferences, their families, their personal businesses-organizations-congregations is far removed out of the question-equation. Prayers based on bias worldly religions and prejudiced politics, fall on death ears before the Holy Angels, as they might pertain to the HEAVENS.

27. This is no CONSPIRACY THEORY: Not some US Government plot and plan to kill anybody off, nor is it a racial issue as it would be concerned with Racial Profiling & Targeting & Aiming at non-whites. For the minority and majority citizenry, are subjected victims of their own self-centered folly. This VIRON, is colorblind and race neutral!! They all have... IT ....but simply don't realize it!

28. A PANDEMIC & EPIDEMIC: Also, the medical orthodoxy, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute of Health (NIH), Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and all other corporate entities of the overall system are in grave jeopardy. Contaminated with false clinical data, wrongful teaching, faulty training, and are poisoned by the accumulative toxins over a prolonged period of time. Untrustworthy & Unreliable & Undependable!!

29. FRAUD IN FACT LIES & UNTRUTHS: Have pervaded across country touching on all bases, every societal sector, social-economic-educational class. The air we breathe, atmosphere and stratosphere-ionosphere, inclusively, the outer spaces close to the planet Mother Earth, is literally junked up with trash, "clutter", debris, scrap metal from satellites and spacecraft, man-made chemical compound-concoctions, on and on and on... polluting the entire environment. An acidic reflex reaction. Thus these truths are thrown right back in our faces, on a reflected daily-weekly-monthly-yearly basis. Inducing fear and dread, trembling and gnashing of teeth. Perpetrating a total system's collapse and economic implosion and monetary explosion!!!

30. TO LOVE THY SELF: Is what hundreds of thousands, multi-millions and or billions of human beings have utterly failed to do. And to some extent, most of us have enjoyed the superficial benefits of the mass media madness, religious-political corruption. Thus are guilty of aiding and abetting the extortion of the wholesome energy emotions, in the form of positive charged electrons-neutrons-protons, belonging to THE SPIRIT OF THE LOVE OF LIFE!!!!

31. Ungrateful & Unappreciative CONSUMERS: Devouring everything of good value in our paths. Raping, robbing, stealing-taking-murdering, warmongering, hate-mongering, enslaving, torturing, etc., etc., etc. Literally committing in the historical process self-induced physiological-psychological-spiritual GENOCIDE!

32. MORBIDLY OBESE ARROGANT EGOS: Every so called distinct racial group: NEGROID & MONGOLOID & CAUCASOID, scientific body organisms. Meaning nobody has an automatic free at liberty rite/right of passage, through The Electromagnetic Field of Color & Prismatic Spectral Hues!! We all shall be compelled to come CLEAN!

33. GUILTY CONSCIENCES CONDEMNS INDIVIDUALS & NATIONS: Bringing on a frightening sense of impending dangers, ominous occurrences, true or false. A self fulfilling prophecy. Hysterical emotions of out of controlled energies are plaguing the country and all those closely associated and or linked to it. All those are contaminated, who mostly feed themselves off of the corrupted money, dirty underhanded bounty, pay checks given to them for working as employees of the "Criminal Enterprise" Corporate System of Insanity!!!

34. CONSEQUENTLY: Prospective retirement savings, pensions, 401Ks, Wall Street Stock Market Investment Shares, and what have you, are all part and parcel of that fallen-falling old-worn-out diseased System. Which time has come to its self-destructive finalizing fatal finale!

35. SystemHumanImmunoViron and EcoAcquiredImmunoDeficientSystem, SHIV & EAIDS, has engulfed every internal function of the United States of America number ONE, and every other nation of public people attached to it. And they have... IT... CapitalistMoneyGreenGreed, Viron, and just don't know that they do, and there's no legitimate test to detect it, nor any effective medical treatment, pharmaceutical prescription pill, vaccination booster shots, stimulus package, to heal and cure and save them. Systems' Restore or Recovery is null and void. REDEMPTION IS IMPOSSIBLE UNDER UNIVERSAL LAWS & INTERVENTION DIVINE!!

Blessedly expressed in "The Spirit of Truth"; by the free gift of grace, 'n lovin' faith always, smile with a healthy good sense of humor. Thank Y'all So Very Kindly.

PS: Check out my innovative Web site domain: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: And Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade grassroots musical songs played from the HipP & LapP!! Free to listen to and or download CD-MP3 sound tracks at: Plus without bias or prejudice tune in to: and Having plenty of fun, dance and joy.

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