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  Afro Invasion

strike (9K)US War Invasion-Occupation of Pakistan
By Charles Davis

Yes, ArtistCHD has a clear prophetic vision: That the United States of (black/white supremacy) America, is plotting and planning on having their next major war over in the Middle Eastern lands of Pakistan!

I've decoded their encrypted messages sent over the Internet & World Wide Web. In other plain O'simple words, through the spirit and senses intuitively, I have successfully broken down their coded language.

Now listen to me and pay close attention y'all: Pakistan is being classified and labeled as being 'The Most Dangerous' country and state on the face of planet Mother Earth!

Moreover, seeing that we the public people of color has a so called African American BLACK man in the Oval Office as US President Barack Hussein Obama; then, systems go! And, he is in perfect alignment with their master plans to sabotage internal affairs, overthrow and topple that unstable government body of Pakistan.

Thus to get/git rid of the President, Military Commanders, and leaders who might pose a serious threat to their CIA subversive and clandestine activities. Likewise, the US has its own justifications for taking, not only "Preemptive Strikes" into that sovereign nation with 'drones'; but to actually seize the entire country militarily. Invading from the dessert areas of Afghanistan's vast regional territories. OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS ACTIVATED!

The US Commander In Chief Obama, is leading the electrifying electron charged "CHANGE" of regime! And is in complete agreement with this strategic move, due to the well propagandized fact, that the alleged al Qaida terrorists and Osama bin Laden are building up their power bases along the borders and now inside Pakistan's interior. True or False?!

Consequently, military intervention is required, 'to protect and to defend the free world', looking at things from the perspective of "Honky Ideology" said Because, Pakistan is a nuclear bomb possessing country. And, this means, ad hock, that if and when Osama and company gets their hands on the big bombs, nuclear war heads and missiles, well it is quite obvious what they are going to do with them.

Of course, it all stands to reason, why anybody would want to kill and destroy their enemies, esp., after them murdering and massacring their women and kids in huge numbers, for many years to date; Sunday, February 1, 2009 ... 1:46AM

Specifically I'm talking about the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the white supremacy state of European Jews and Zionists Israel. Therefore, it don't take a rocket scientist to figure all of this out. That you and I would even drop the nuclear bombs on our historical adversaries and Institutionalized Racist White Slave Masters of today!!!

Given the chance to take drastic actions, "by any means necessary" at our disposal, believe me that the least of us would not hesitate to seek bloody revenge. For violence is the only physical form of retaliation that these sick in the head, psychotic mutant racial groups of Caucasoid human beings understand. Even as about 100 million of these white-pink appearing skin people have successfully REPENTED; crossed over the racial lines, in mind-body-spirit of LOVE-Peace & Harmony; there are still 100 million+ angry Anglo-Americans who are holding out. They with a heated passion Hate the very sight of our dark melanin colored pigmentation and toned-shaded complexion FACT OF REALITY CHECK!

Furthermore, US President Obama, (good colored brother white house negra), is the perfected cover and shield for this "Criminal Enterprise" to hide behind: Ref So be it, for we are making him our own force field too! Intelligently appealing to the common senses of repentant decent whites, causing them to willingly surrender their arms/alms/resources, to us and our purposes of freedom-liberty and justice! For the sake of all Humanity & HOMO SAPIENS HUMAN RACE!!!

Truthfully, I KNOW, that there's no such of thing as forgiveness; without, true repentance! Having honest regrets for past-present wrong doings Thus with my knowing these statements to be true, never get/git me wrong, with my musical song lyrics expressing the MOST POWERFUL EMOTION OF LOVE!!!

Yes, it is my choice of weapons, being the instruments of my kind of spiritual warfare! One that protects the innocent at all times; [not complaining or being accusatory sending out negative charged energies that comes right back around like a boomerang, to its initial starting point of bitter persons filled with hostilities and subjective or objective hate, etc.

However, "most assuredly" it takes the utmost self-disciplining to control one's own big mouth, containing the anger and converting it over into positive potential for production. It requires self-confidence to learn how to belly crawl, lay low and be peacefully quiet for a little time so as to preserve the safety of one's stationed position, that is apparently coming under retaliatory digital attacks, computer hackers..., crashing programs, interfering with audio-video features..., on the sly fox cool by the undercover sneaky-freaky "white boys", etc.

This is why I wisely have a multitude of computer back-ups, Web sites, diverse blogs, and security files to fire straight back at them on the fly! Via a CyberSpaceAge war burn! I took the precious time out, over the last past 10 years or so, to teach my own self how to fix the registries, trace and shoot back at the adversaries, thus learned how to repair my computer systems by studying the advanced technology.Save huge sums of--capital money green$$$ Exclusively my home based network. How about y'all?

So are y'all really ready and prepared to fight battle? For the opportunity is here today. And, as leaders under calm cool collected emotions, let us begin showing a compassionate contents of character, that looks over present petty grievances and silly disagreements. Maturity is what I mean, being true Black Men & Women!!

Nevertheless, the Spirit of Love is at the very top priority-pinnacle of perfected performances. Call them sophisticated war games, black liberation camouflage, black militancy, psychological battle fatigues, glib revolutionary tactics or whatsoever y'all wish. I play for high achivement success.

And climbing up on the rough side of the mountain requires doing the very best that we can, (some times by stealth), no matter how imperfect we are or how many mistakes we might make. Quite proud and happy, I started from scratch at the broke bottom of the totem pole, at the heavy bass-base line of my GENESIS.

Indubitably, No doubt: The architectural structure as a consolidated graphic design, is triumphantly built up to a Sharp Three Edged Sword of LoveSensationSpiritDivine. The Original Creative ArtistCHD is a master pyramid builder, by ancient-historical genetic-DNA Codes. Check it out at: , this is COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.

Surely my mindset kind, trait, personality type, and mentality drew and painted all of the pictures left behind on stones and caves, wood-trees, on and on and on. We are "Designer Originals" said the intellectual genius Junious Ricardo Stanton back in 1999. Thus TO LOVE THY SELF, may I inform y'all, that he wrote news paper articles for the (P.C.) talking about, 'it is highly unlikely that any one will love somebody else who might look like them, if they don't first love themselves'. The poetic rapP lyrics are posted at my blog via the Web site link above. I acknowledged this Black Man's Gift!

Certainly, it's our natural-innate calling to, be, geniuses, thus to correctly inform, admonish-caution-warn. Be not deceived... by my LovelyLoveSong defenses and my hateful enemies stumbling block and rock of offense. "And blessed is he whosoever is not offended in me"; for I play to Win Effectively! LOVE IS A SERIOUS SPIRITUAL SPEAR HEAD!... LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL NUCLEAR WAR HEAD!!!

Trustworthy, is this strategic e-mail message, being revealed to y'all in "THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH"; not partial truth, but the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us our Cosmic Creators!! Woman & Man, Female & Male, GOD & GODDESS!! Unified as an ALMIGHTY ONE!

Definitively, I've been on this front-line commission calling every since 1980, divinely inspired; here in this MultiplexRacialBody of Coloration. How about you? What's up?

pakistan (13K)PAKISTAN is next on the hit-list: Meanwhile, INTERVENTION DIVINE is presently in full control; bringing the Giant Corporate Empire Builders back down to ground level zero, and this truly means taking the middle class section of societies out from under them, as a long-standing support system; etc., etc. etc.

Albeit, The Eternal Power of the Ether that Be, are causing the implosions, collapsing economies and bankruptcy for sound reason. Positive Proton Charged Energies: It's all good, it's all we are officially counting down to Armageddon's Prophetic Holy World War-3 Plus UrbanRaceRiots & Civil War, with America At Guerrilla War!!

Expressed by the free gift of grace, 'n lovin' faith always, smile with a healthy good sense of humor. Thank Y'alls Very Kindly.

PS: Fortunately and unfortunately: Million of dependent citizens are loosing their high paying jobs, gainful employment, career monetary security. Silently being added to the junk piles of lost hopes, acute tension and chronic pain. With this potent compost pile of wasted humanity heating up to a blazing hot fire; generating extremely intense feelings and violent emotions. Loud protest cries for help, aid, and relief out of financial hell. Although, nobody is going to remedy the harsh situations, bad luck syndrome of the hundreds of thousands of losers; who were unwisely caught trapped in the "dire" straights of disasters and catastrophes. MOTHER NATURE'S LAWS OF POPULATION CONTROL!!!!

And are written off without a real name, and only a cheap number. Subjected victims of trying circumstances having no one else to blame for putting themselves into this cursed position. For trusting and believing inot fraud in fact lies. And it is written: "He Who Trust In Man Is A Fool."

By the very same token, these new misfits, down and outers, poor people, are seriously dangerous to the rest of thriving-healthy society, and are being dealt with by the: Nazi Gestapo Military Police State!!! Stopped at law enforcement check points... Something the foolish citizenry never thought possible..., to see in their life time, their supposed to be SUPERIOR SYSTEM FAIL & FALL!!

© Feb 2009 By Afromerica || [TOP]


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