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Political and Religious Leaders are Doing Nothing to stop this Man


It is beginning to seem as though the political and religious leaders are encouraging Trump’s authoritarian rule by allowing it to get out of hand.

Outright defiance of laws, extreme racist ideology and rhetoric, the constant disregard for law by obstruction of justice, and the obvious psychopathological lies and disrespect for the truth.

There is no more speculation of whether or not this man has sown corruption and racist division throughout the country, there is too much proof he has. Not only by public acts of violence, but of the deaths of many people in racist, terrorists acts here and around the world.

There is no doubt the man has no respect for the law or rules of traditional presidential governance, because he has shown repeatedly that he does not care about any of that. He has threatened people, entire organizations for doing their job, and insulted anyone who he does not like.

Now, apparently, he has openly begun a social movement that follows his lead. In an email to his supporters, Trump has invoked a membership card that identifies these people clearly as a resistance against American values.

“Since you’ve been such an important part of our movement, I wanted to give you this exclusive opportunity to become an Official 2019 Trump Executive Member and receive your PERSONALIZED membership card. Please contribute to activate your Official 2019 Trump Executive Membership by 11:59 PM TONIGHT and we’ll send you this beautiful PERSONALIZED card.”

What is beginning to seem strange is not only have the Republican Party stood loyal behind this takeover of the government and American culture, but the Democrats are lying down by not standing up strong enough against him.

The Democrats have even voted along the same lines as Trump on some issues, mainly foreign wars and hostile takeovers of countries he deems “shithole” counties. They have also kind of, sort of stood behind him on tax cuts, military funding and the support of big business.

The most frightening part of the Democrat’s support of Trump is that they seem to have no defense against his unruleliness and just cannot seem to make anything stick to him. This man is a criminal and a racist and the Democrats really want people to see this, but their efforts to stop him do not seem sincere.



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