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Low-Income Communities Will Feel the Planned $6.7 Billion Education Spending Cut


The plan of the wealthy is to underfund the public school system to make it less attractive so private, charter schools will look more attractive to parents and on the voting ballots.

This way, private business owners can make money charging parents for supposed prime education at the same time collect subsidies from the taxpayers in the communities. In other words, the new government is taking taxpayers money away from the public sector and giving it to individual business owners.

The education secretary will testify before Congress about the 'tough choices' in her proposed $6.7 billion education spending cut.” This is one way the new government is selling this concept to parents and voters.

The choice is not a tough choice however; it is a blatant theft from the working people to enrich business owners and suburban families who want to take advantage of the new Trump tax cuts. Of course, the low-income, poorer communities will be left without functioning schools and programs that had otherwise helped struggling families.

“The proposed cuts would decimate programs like the federal work-study program, the 21st Century Community Learning Center after school program, the American History and Civics Education program, and the Full Service Community Schools academic and social services program. An initial draft also included cuts to the Special Olympics, but Trump countermanded those cuts personally after public outrage.”

With an added slap in the face, the education secretary, Betsy Devos is making a personal killing in her finances while at the same time draining everyone else of opportunity. She received $10 million in tax cuts added to her personal bank account. That money itself “could have provided work-study funding for 5,600 students, Nevada’s entire share of the 21st Century Community Learning Center after school program, or funding for Full Service Community Schools academic and social services at schools in 20 communities.”

The wealthy are at war against the working class and are winning. As long as the greedy, criminal cabal is in power, known as the Republican Party, every area of normal life will become harder for people to overcome.

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