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America Does Not Have an Over-Population Problem; they Have a Racist Problem


Selfishness and hatred is behind the excuses the White House and white folks are using to turn away refugees. Being overcrowded is not a reason because it is simply not true, neither logically or demographically.

Demographers and economists see ample evidence of a country that is not remotely “full” — but one where an aging population and declining birthrates among the native-born population are creating under populated cities and towns, vacant housing and troubled public finances.”

We see these problems in many urban areas left behind by industry, such as Detroit, Camden, N.J., and large parts of the north, south and Midwest rural towns and cities. When at one time manufacturing was the key to the American dream, the job market now does not offer financial security any longer.

According to current data, local officials in many of those places view a shrinking population and work force as an existential problem with few obvious solutions. “I believe our biggest threat is our declining labor force,” said Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont, a Republican, in his annual budget address this year. “It’s the root of every problem we face.”

“This makes it incredibly difficult for businesses to recruit new employees and expand, harder for communities to grow and leaves fewer of us to cover the cost of state government.”

Many countries have double; even triple the population than America. China, India, even Europe have exploding populations yet seem to provide for their people through jobs, homes, and food resources. Americans are stingy, selfish and extremely racist, which is the main reason there is a border crises.

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