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America Spends on War, but Not on the Future


For more than 70 years the United States has funded war efforts around the world. Billions to build a powerful military and billions rebuilding countries they have destroyed. Yet they refuse to invest in their own country.

Anytime a policy is put forth that supports investing in infrastructure or renewable energy systems - which both would create jobs for millions of Americans - the opposition party (Republicans), scream about the cost. Even the news media ask these questions on behalf of the capitalist owners.

“How are we going to pay for this?” The question is always asked in an effort to discourage the idea and scrap it altogether. Yet for many years, the U.S. government has spent trillions of dollars fighting wars overseas and feeding the beast of the military industrial complex with more money than they know what to do with; except waste.

The Green New Deal "outlines in broad strokes how the U.S. government should work toward the plan—a bold and potentially visionary set of policies to create a rapid drawdown of greenhouse gas emissions, provide for millions of well-paying jobs, advance equity and justice for communities on the frontline of climate change, and more.”

“One question that opponents of the plan are quick to raise—and which must be addressed—is how do we pay for it? And while many supporters of the Green New Deal have brought forward a variety of possibilities, from public financing, to simply printing more money (aka the New Monetary Theory), to raising taxes on the wealthiest of Americans, there’s a practical and profoundly fair answer that almost no one has brought forward: Make the fossil fuel industry pay.”

So in addition to reconfiguring the use for the military, there are other means to pay for a new country and its future as suggested above. The one that makes the most sense is to persuade the energy companies themselves to invest in the New Deal by switching from oil to renewable energy. This is a step toward a new future and advancements toward a new industrial revolution.

Greed, however, is keeping the oil barons from making a change and to remain conservative in their business ventures. But the less the country relies on oil, the less chance of going to war with a country just to take their oil reserves.

Furthermore, many countries have changed over from oil to renewable, and are cleaner and still remain prosperous. But that is not what we hear from the cable news stations because they are bought and paid for by the oil barons themselves.

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