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White Supremacist Hate Everybody


Black Americans are not the only group of people who are targets of white hate and violence. Muslims, Jews, and Hispanics are on their list also. Should these groups consider whether there is something wrong with them, or with the white supremacist?

According to the ideology of white supremacist, it seems every group of color is out to replace them and there is a massive conspiracy theory floating around white supremacy groups who believe this.

Just recently, Facebook proclaimed they would ban white supremacist and white nationalist groups from posting and advertising on their social media program, yet the President of the United States government claims there is no real white supremacist threat in the country, or world.

“In Christchurch, New Zealand, last month a white supremacist gunned down 50 Muslims at prayer. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, last October a white supremacist gunned down 11 Jews at prayer. Both killers were clear in their loathing of both Jews and Muslims. Both subscribed to the “great replacement theory,” which casts Muslims and other minorities as “invaders” of Western societies and a threat to white, Christian majorities.”

Now, the Muslim and Jewish communities are beginning to ban together against the hate. Maybe Blacks and Hispanics should do the same. If all four groups get together and fight back against this hate, the white race will definitely soon cease to exist because they are a very small population of the world.

But it just goes to show that whites cannot seem to get along and live peacefully with any other culture of people. The only reason they have gotten as far as they have financially, is through the very use of hate they are showing right now.

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