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The U.S. Military is Desperate for Recruits


For the past 40 years, the military has had a hard time recruiting soldiers. Currently, men between the ages of 18 and 26 have to register for selective services, or what was once called “the Draft.”

Basically, the government has a voluntary military but if registered, the individual could be called to duty if a major war breaks out. Other than that, military service is voluntary.

But since the selective services was put into place in the 1980s, not as many young men have voluntarily gone into the military as the military would like to see. So to push for more recruits, the government has implemented forms of punishment for those who do not register.

Men who don't register for the draft by age 26 often have problems later in life with federal and state benefits. The most common consequences for failing to register are a loss of student aid, citizenship, and federal employment.”

In addition to those social strikes against young men, the military has created a huge marketing campaign that would attract more people by inserting themselves into sporting events such as professional football games and even pushing their way into high schools for “job” fairs.

The problem is, many people are having bad experiences in the military when choosing it as a life choice, and many veterans are coming home with PTSD and other psychological problems. But the government has figured a way around that by hiring outside contractors to perform covert operations during wartime crises.

The fact is, young men, especially young Black men, should sign up for the sake of the law, but not voluntarily join. Fighting on behalf of a country that makes it literally legal for police to shoot and kill you is a cause not worth fighting for.

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