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Republicans Have Successfully Narrowed their Base to the Wealthy and the Racists


Working class whites do not mind being exploited as long as they can be racist; and the wealth do not care who they exploit as long as they stay wealthy.

In a two-fold plan to consolidate power, the vilest of people have successfully weeded themselves out of 360 million American citizens. By sacrificing the lowest of life forms in the country - the hard core racist base of what they now call President - the diabolical minds of the wealthy have inadvertently revealed to the country and world the ultimate problem in society; the Republican Party.

The people were blinded in the beginning because this man spewed forth hatred on levels the last couple of generations had never seen before. And while he continued to rain down bigoted and hateful hell, the wealthy were taking power left and right from every area of social life.

Church and State merged; environmental, food and water protections were rolled back so greedy corporations could profit; public schools were gutted, the courts were stacked with conservative judges, more wealth was stripped from workers and given to the wealthy, and on and on things that benefit the wealthy and give rise to racism.

“Coupled with fallout from the 35-day government shutdown that ended in January and a GOP tax plan that delivered major benefits to the wealthy, Republicans once again find themselves on the defensive — fending off Democrats who say they’re not just the party of Trump, but of the rich and powerful. The administration’s budget released earlier this month, for example, includes massive rollbacks of programs including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Disability Insurance, as well as cuts to the Special Olympics, Meals on Wheels, and programs related to autism and other developmental disabilities.”

What is so troubling about this whole social take-over is the fact that there is a clear difference in the supporters of this so-called President. One side is low-income, poor white trash and the others are elitist and privileged white trash. Regardless of income level, however, they are all white, and trash.

The genius of how they pulled off the plan continues to confound the Democratic Party because they seem to have no clue how to combat this power grab. But one thing is for sure; the culprits are all locked in a room together and now someone simply needs to go and lock them in for good.

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