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How Oil Companies Control Every Aspect of Your Life


From the quality of the food you eat to the cost of heating your home, to whether or not you and your children have health care, oil companies have a hand in each of these areas of life directly or indirectly. That must change.

Directly because they determine how society powers its electricity grids and what the cost are. Cost of electricity set the rates for anything from gas prices to home and commercial heating to Internet access. Indirectly because they have the most profound effect on how your political representative votes on certain policies.

Mainstream political policies that people actually care about and affect their everyday lives, such as health care cost, wage rates, access to healthy foods, clean water, housing, daycare cost and more. Well, oil companies pay (bribe) politicians to vote in favor of their agenda before they vote in favor of the needs of the people. And the Supreme Court says it legal for them to do so. Let that sink it.

The latest, most horrendous manipulation oil companies have contrived is how they pay for television commercials to mega-broadcasting networks that claim they are for clean energy (solar, wind), water, and agricultural production while at the same time behind the scenes they are producing major coal related power.

They pretend they care about the people by donating millions of dollars to clean energy causes but in a recent report it shows a different story. “Oil Giants Invest $110 Billion In New Fossil Fuels After Spending $1 Billion On Green PR.”

This means they outright lie to the public while they continue to enrich themselves and not give a damn about the environment, or you. But the oil companies are not all to blame; the politicians are the ones the people need to drain from the corrupt halls of Washington D.C., and major cable news networks should be boycotted.

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