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smiley (50K)Meet The First Black Person Ever, That Wants to be a Slave: Tavis Smiley

Where to begin on a statement made by a Black man in 2016 that was - on so many levels - complete dumbassness? This guy has nothing on Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric; but on the other end of the insanity spectrum comes this guy, Tavis Smiley, who undermined 400-plus years of Black America's struggle to destroy the "slave mentality."..[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)The Bigot's View of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is comprised of a group of people who are tired of Black people being brutalized and killed by police. They organize to protest this treatment by exercising their first amendment right; freedom of assembly. Anyone who has a problem with that is mentally twisted...[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)God is Destroying White Supremacy

Take a close look at the social state of America and you can see how God is abolishing the system of white supremacy. Over time, particularly within the last 15 years, God has pulled back layer-upon-layer of white racism and shown it to the world, revealed it to white America, and confirmed it with people of color...[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)Minorities Will Take America Back from Whites

North America does not belong to whites. It was stolen from the indigenous people of this land and afterward built by enslaved Africans. Over the past few decades, South Americans migrate here to build a life and more recently people of Middle Eastern and Asian decent come here to make a living also. Rightfully and eventually, this land will return to people of color and whites and their immigrant ancestors will be forced to return to their country of origin, which is Europe....[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)People of Color: What a Trump Presidency Would Bring

November 9th, 2016, Trump has won the presidency. Now what? Well here is a scenario of what people of color will be up against after this dreaded day. According to his nominee acceptance speech, Trump says he will bring "Law and Order." This means that under his dog-whistle, he will have already given the police state any authority they need to detain, arrest, and or kill more blacks. Black people are going to be slowly but surely herded into jails and private prisons around the country just to fulfill Trump's promise of more jobs to the working whites. And you will never come out again....[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)It's Not Just a Job: It's Murder

If police think they are going to be immune (indicted) when they stand before God on the day we are all judged, because they "were just doing their job," they are sadly deceived. If the American judicial system is supposedly standing on the foundation of the Holy Bible, this is a sure contradiction to the 6th commandment of "Thou shalt not kill"...[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)Black America Needs a Cultural Revolution

How many times and how many more years will our so-called Black leaders' pound into our heads this half-baked and ill effective notion that voting will solve our problems? Turning out to vote in elections by Black voters testifies to our numbers among the populous but it cannot and never will change our situation. We must stop depending on white politicians to make change for us and do it ourselves. Damn!...[READ MORE]

immigrants3 (50K)How the White Man Stole and Corrupted Christianity

Jesus Christ, his disciples, and the followers that made up the historic church after his death, walked the earth long before the white man knew anything about the teachings. During the time of the Crucifixion, Rome (the white man) ruled in the region of Israel and politically approved the killing of Christ by the Jewish leaders. So there is no way or historical legitimacy to the claim that Christianity is the white mans religion. However, they did steal the religion, altered it to fit their worldview and conquest, and used it to oppress people of diverse lands...[READ MORE]

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