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kervin2 (3K)A Mentally-Spiritually Sick Person - By Kevin Ervin

A mentally-spiritually sick person calls his/her virus (that make them sick) "holistic" and/or "medicine" and/ enslaving religiosity. Find that very cause to truly see them and condem "it" from entering your very center.

And then...observe "the (self)-mutilation" without becoming a playing part in "its" ("esoteric") agenda. Slavery... in the exoteric "mind" exist in (m)any form and namely through a victim "mind" victim to racism, sexism and/or classism.

And all that is spells out is one who is self-control of his/her very own child-like mind. Thoughts, "thoughts" (of others who do think "I" over WE) sicken the mind-reality, and it is one's very soul that saves and replenishes it into God-consciousness. Therefore, always look deeper within into no matter what you see. As you must always see....YOU.

© 2008 By Kevin D. Ervin

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