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Voting Rights?
By Brandon H.

This pre-supposes the question here: "Who's Right?" Obviously the Black Community here in America still has the necessity and the obligation to ask American Government [if it is determined to 'survive,'] this question.

Refresh my memory here: Black Activists throughout time have fought and died for equality. The right to 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' under the law and the assumption of Dignity as natural consequence of being 'alive,' as the rest of those who make up the Human Theatre receive? Without prejudice?

Then why in this new millennium, even after the year 2000, do Blacks have to continually solicit any Governmental Body for the right to exist? Could it be that the so-called Black 'Leaders' in Government entrusted with the blood of their ancestors, still moist on select areas of American soil, have let this community down?

Just what has been the primary focus of these so-called 'Leaders'? Are the futures of the children of the Black Community not important enough for these 'Leaders,' that the urgency of an act as important as it's own ability to 'vote,' has not taken center stage upon their collective agenda? What's the hold-up?

Do they not even work together? They all continually encourage the Black Community to vote, Vote, VOTE! But for what, What, WHAT? The abstract? NO so-called Black 'Leader,' has adhered himself to ANY standard issue of concern, within the original agenda required of the Black Community, at all! [And yes, there STILL is one!]

The RIGHT to Human Dignity first. The RIGHT to vote next... [If the Black Community had decided to stay and participate within the confines of a disintegrating corrupt and psychologically demented socio-governmental apparatus as the U.S. exhibits outright, arrogantly, everyday, period.]

Whatever happened to the dignified voices of those in the Black Community who have gone on before, who realized that the black community needed a 'voice' first, [because before the valiant act's of the Malcolm X's, Marcus Garvey's of the world, it had no voice,] within the political horizon of the American Public.

And what of the request of the 'reasonable,' [in the 'Human Theatre] in regards to 'freedom from the tyranny' in that oppressive government, that sought to enslave and keep in bondage the descendants of the Black Community perpetually, which is still America?

Well, certain of 'Black Leaders' have since received that voice or 'platform,' though rather than fight for the freedom of the Black Community, they have failed to address even the most fundamental, or basic issue of voting, [the very 'voice' of said community] that boasts itself also, of the murder of countless members of it's own community simply to receive these 'rights.'

This is either a horrific over-sight on the part of Black 'Leadership', or a determined agenda in and of itself, by self-serving psychopaths determined to 'go down in the American Flames,' already visible to the steadfast in the true history of this country.

You choose.

This is the only country that boasts itself of 'diversity' assurances and progression, interracial dating and marriage, economic opportunity, military strength and security yet the Black Community is still living in the 'dark ages' of uncertainty?

Maybe this is where these Black Leaders are to be ultimately found, caught-up within the confines of 'uncertainty' or interracial marriages and abstract 'diversity', or drowning in a sea of political correctness in which is as worthless as a fashion trend.

But I guarantee you, if the Black Community must depend upon this type of 'Leadership,' that seems incapable of securing such a basic political agenda as voting rights [of which should not even be an issue according to 'American' assertion,] the future of the Black Community is bleak.

It is sad that the Black Community still 'believes' America. What does this say about the Black 'Leaders' in her charge? Should the Black Community believe in them? Will the Black Community be afforded the 'right' to believe in anything...soon?

After all, 'Who's Rights' are we talking about here?

© July 2006 By Afromerica


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