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Sweetheart Black Leaders
By Brandon H.

Then they said; ‘we’ll give you a sweetheart of a deal.’ All you have to do is be prepared to hand over your children, after you’ve handed over your soul to the devil. Just think, you’ll never work hard for another thing in your life you’ll continue to live lavishly among the movers and the shakers in the greatest society ever known to human kind and just think! The life you’ll live doesn’t even look like it’s the foundation of the devil!

Whether your spiritual or not, no one can deny that there is truth to these sentiments. How else can people be as insignificant as some are in a world as full of material bounty as this and the world still not ‘see’ them in such agonizing miseries as the most broken of them may suffer? And how else could certain people ‘prosper,’ whom are otherwise without the basic qualifications assigned to such?

All you have to do is turn a blind eye to the evil that you might see and we’ll insure that you will continue to prosper, no matter what you do! Ten fold! The ‘goodie two shoes’ can’t judge you, cause we make up all the rules! It’s Beautiful! We’re holding all the cards and this makes it a sweetheart of a deal! Our enemies will never catch on because they’re too stupid!

You have heard these sentiments before whether they had been heeded or not. Whether they had been ‘disclosed’ or not or, whether they had been offered or not. And the initial gut reaction you may have experienced after hearing such ‘sentiments,’ is believe it or not, the sum total of the degree of human being that you are. If you had found disgust at the inexplicability of such sentiments even being offered then, you’re probably basically a good person.

Don’t be shocked, that I may have taken the time to ‘judge’ you! They have certainly judged you, as an idiot. They, whom have postured themselves as your ‘leaders’ by unauthorized authority, are most certainly an unashamed group. As a matter of fact, they are without any feelings at all and I’ll prove it.

Look at your Black Leaders effectiveness, any one of them. I don’t have to make any personal attack whatsoever! The record speaks for itself! How ‘free’ and powerful is the Black Community? How free is the Black Community to redirect the events that are pertinent solely to our culture and destiny in our own community? What impact can we collectively make on the human landscape or legacy that will not be ultimately laughed to scorn? How free are we in 2007 to guarantee our children a safe and prosperous future?

Yet, if you listen to any one of these black leaders, they’ll tell you that if you continue to follow them, they will provide all of this for you, cause that is exactly what they are trying to do for us. But the question is: ‘how long could an idiot expect you to swallow his lies?’ The entire world can see that black ‘leadership’ is impotent.

The vast majority of these sweetheart leaders knowingly or not, are but as tools used by the power establishment of an American Empire so incessantly evil that it is guilty of the sacrificing of members of it’s own dominant society in even the most horrific way’s imaginable, just to ensure the perseverance of it’s own greed. If this isn’t psychotic, I surely don’t know what is. However I still hold as amicable, the black leaders ‘willing’ participation.

This is their ‘public’ black community, not you. These are their constituents black community, not you. The elders say that the truth ‘hurts.’ This one didn’t hurt me at all.

However, to all those whom may have found this to be painful, wait until you see part two.

Stay tuned.

© Feb 2007 By Brandon H


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