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main (6K)Brandon H - Afro Columnist & ALM Coordinator

By Brandon H.

Death by the hands of law enforcement in the Black Community seems to have proven even more insignificant to all U.S. Governmental agencies that it may affect than in fact, the mass media outlets that have purposely overlooked such horrific tragedies.

In a word, if there is no money to be made by focusing upon the demise of nameless blacks then, so what? The name of the game seems to be "let's protect our officers first," and "then take the heat from any 'truth' seekers."

(Don't forget, they've got 'sovereignty' as a secret weapon.)

It's no secret, incarceration is big business. Physical incarceration. However, after the death process has been 'completed,' how can the state make money? Good question. How can a judicial system built upon deception and propagated by deception, otherwise be expected to sustain itself? By embracing the truth? The truth would land this judicial system in the poor-house quicker than one of their law enforcement officers could pull the trigger in the unsubstantiated murder of another Black Man.

Or, to deny it's innate dependency upon the economics of capitalism and it's industrialist proponents, would be to sign it's own death warrant. Keep this in mind. Keep this in mind. Does the federal government make money off of it's prisoners? Of course it does. Is everything in this governmental system about money? Of course it is! Do dead bodies make money for the U. S. Government? Not generally, however it would depend upon the options they have to "capitalize." War and Haliburton for instance. Huh, Haliburton has to pay taxes correct?

I submit, these are the reasons for the lack of justice due to Black Families of judicial murder. Money. No more or, no less. Now, let's discuss a lack of public out-cry. First off, there IS no lack of public out-cry (at least from the Black Community,) concerning the ultimately sanctioned murders of ALL members of the black community regardless of age or gender, because I've heard the screams from the past myself. I also hear the screams of today, right now. I've even done some screaming of my very own yet also, to no avail. It's even also (I imagine,) like one screaming to the top of one's own lungs from the midst of any of Americas most formidable prisons, physical prisons, 'Let me out!' yet, to no avail, maybe just a 'shut-up!' but still to no avail.

It would not profit Americas massmedia out-lets to incite 'panic' or, civil unrest among the masses of the American public that would most certainly respond to the unsubstanciated murders of innocent Blacks, should they report in a timely manner over them all, as they happened. This is the formula behind the 'spoon-feeding' of information and the also indefensible censorship indiscriminately included into the mixing of 'one-day-at-a-time' and let's stretch this dollar as far as we can before letting the general public, or they're so-called enlightened tries to shut us down.

In fact, let's formulate an entire industry around teasers and shadowy truths promising to 'reveal' truth, as long as fools and the gullible would just continue to watch our advertisers. Sound like a conspiracy. It is. It would not be in the best interests of the major media outlets to broadcast the truth as it 'lies,' regardless to which outlet claims they do, even 'Black" media outlets that are submersed within this system of capitalism, they have to lie, anything less would not be good business in this society.

So physical incarceration can and does completely immobilize the body however, just like the fallible system (even by it's own admission,) of government here in this northwestern hemisphere, physical incarceration cannot hinder the mind. Think. To be susceptible to a government or any organization or club, that is as without accountability or dignity as this one is, is to be of the most pathetically destructive schools of thought in history.......none.

The goals and practices of this society themselves are from even a glancing perspective, eerily reflective of a kind of social incarceration itself, one would only need to observe the 'watch-tower' erected in the city of Brooklyn , N.Y. to make such an observation. Is Brooklyn now a simple prison cell? Which part of this 'ideology' is any different from a 'physical prison?' A government that cannot trust itself. A government that cannot trust it's people. A people that cannot trust it's government. Sound like a conspiracy to you? It it.

I submit, that I have finally lived to see what shoulda been our greatest fear materialize. The jokes on us, we're ALL incarcerated! Which leaves me one question; 'can man incarcerate the mind?' The answer is glaring; 'if you let him.' If we abandon the necessity to build our own, the uttermost undesirable of him, can. As lond as we continue to think, we have no need to fear. As long as we continue to think for ourselves, only the enemies of freedom need to fear INCARCERATION.

© Feb 2007 By Brandon H


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