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Effective Reparations
By Brandon H.

One of the most frustrating, terrifying, mind-boggling and even sometimes, most esthetically ridiculous conversations out there in the mainstream these days [for me at least,] is the subject of reparations due to the descendants of slaves brought to America as property, to enrich its founders. There is no doubt that reparations are due.

Yet every idea from apologies, to the releasing of previous slave 'states' to slave descendants, to the placing of cash dowries into the personal bank accounts of said descendants have been offered as 'ideas' though sadly, from my perspective, all of these fall miserably short of the brevity in regard to the 'events' and consideration of an occurrence as horrific in scope as the slave trade.

Speaking of history, were the Japanese properly compensated and satisfied with the devastating events surrounding Nagasaki and Hiroshima after World II?

And why were they compensated? Could it be that they had suffered the worst of crimes against humanity [from within the eyes of the world and Creator,] that any Nation had suffered previously from another sector of that humanity?

Was Germany satisfied with it's 'compensation?' Would it matter? Were the Israelis satisfied with African Lands they were given? Satisfied or not, the one common bond that all of the previously aforementioned 'Nations' share is that they were all 'compensated' and now no longer an 'embarrassment' to the American Government at large.

Yet I submit to you all that, any 'reparation' paid to the descendants of 'slaves' would be regarded within this self-same 'spirit' of the colonialists as with that 'now go-away-isms, even your indignations should be satisfied.'

I assure you here, that this is not so. Not so for a Nation that had been left with not so much as spiritual identity let alone a 'National Infrastructure' or even lives, to re-build.

The only 'effective reparations' that could even begin to apply, would have to begin at the beginning. Our heritage demands no less than a 'from the starting point' platform, to a 'fully repaired' ending. And gladly, an ending.

Our People were taken from our Homeland therefore, [cost of living taken into account,] this is where we must begin.

No less than the purchase of 75 thousand prime square miles of African Land by America for Our People, will do. Bordered by an eighteen-foot concrete wall, [except of course, where steel mechanical gates are necessary.]

We don't want what belongs to the Indian [or even better identified as the Lakota,] either. So much for the 'slave states.'

Next, the complete building of eight modern amenitied cities in the new African Nation , all the way down to the street signs and traffic lights will be a requirement.

Left alone, our own physicist's and engineer's would have by now, created even better cities and social order than has ever existed in any other society in history. So much for the 'industrialist's.'

Continued: the seeding of the new African Nation treasury would almost complete the requirements of reparations to our people mandated from the eyes of all mankind and our Creator as sufficient for nine-hundred and ninety-nine trillion American dollars [soon after to be converted into New African Currency,] to satisfy the monetary abstracts of forced labor and stolen legacies otherwise incalculable to maybe even our own mathematicians.

So much for the wasting of our ancestors monies [and ours,] by the squandering of such.... away on ignorance.

Finally, we would require an ambassador to the U.N and the United States of America [as well as other countries so pertinent,] that we may send him to the United States to inform their superiors that we are through with them and not the other way around.

To my brothers and sisters, we should be through with them cause why would we chose to suffer the fate of him that stole us away from our homelands and has since choked the life out of the earth, when though it may take work....we don't have to?

Also. though they may not be 'conditions on the table' as yet, think on them with me.

Would anything less suffice? I submit to any, though here, still a brief summary, these are effective reparations.

© Feb 2007 By Brandon H


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