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main (6K)Brandon H - Afro Columnist & ALM Coordinator

shh (1K)Hush Black Man Hush

So, we've come through a firestorm of horrific occurrences as a people that permeate the very fabric of human interaction on every level throughout the human theatre, and we're proud....[more]

Euro Rich-Nubian Bankrupt
By Brandon H.

If I told you that the next piece of bread that you put into your child's mouth is bread baked on a bloody legacy of torture, strong-arm robbery, murder, extortion, or civil deceit would you be inclined to tell him/her that a black man is responsible? Would this fit the profile?....[more]

By Brandon H.

Because there had been separation of the races with the slave trade due to the ideology of those who for whatever reason, saw a differentiation in black men and white men, then we must first revisit this period in history completely in order to effectively realign the psychological health of modern day 'black' America and to redirect the steps that the black community needs to take in order to effectively achieve the collective strength it needs to forge ahead in this theatre of horrors called life.....[more]

I Will Not Relent
By Brandon H.

Observers of the world's social chasm and lovers of the truth will understand the next few words printed here. Everyone else can keep moving in the direction you've chosen as, the next few ideas would probably not interest you.....[more]

Sweetheart Black Leaders
By Brandon H.

Then they said; ‘we’ll give you a sweetheart of a deal.’ All you have to do is be prepared to hand over your children, after you’ve handed over your soul to the devil. Just think, you’ll never work hard for another thing in your life you’ll continue to live lavishly among the movers and the shakers in the greatest society ever known to human kind and just think! The life you’ll live doesn’t even look like it’s the foundation of the devil!.....[more]

Hollow Echo
By Brandon H.

We’ve studied and showed ourselves approved. We’ve checked and balanced and checked our balances on every contingency imaginable within the realm of the ‘Human Theatre.’ This life, is all we’ve got to relate to so, we must have made some of the correct determinations.......[more]

By Brandon H.

Death by the hands of law enforcement in the Black Community seems to have proven even more insignificant to all U.S. Governmental agencies that it may affect than in fact, the mass media outlets that have purposely overlooked such horrific tragedies.......[more]

Final Word
By Brandon H.

In a recent e-mail to Michael E. Dyson, Afromerica is sad to report, nothing has changed.

M. Dyson,......[more]

Effective Reparations
By Brandon H.

One of the most frustrating, terrifying, mind-boggling and even sometimes, most esthetically ridiculous conversations out there in the mainstream these days [for me at least,] is the subject of reparations due to the descendants of slaves brought to America as property, to enrich its founders. There is no doubt that reparations are due.......[more]

Voting Rights?
By Brandon H.

This pre-supposes the question here: "Who's Right?" Obviously the Black Community here in America still has the necessity and the obligation to ask American Government [if it is determined to 'survive,'] this question.......[more]

Change Has Come!
By Brandon H.

Pleading black voices have warned from the beginnings of all time that we should respect and align ourselves to the power of simple reality, as she is a jealous provider in relation to her most intimate of secrets......[more]

Consider the Source
By Brandon H.

Why is it that within America's obviously polluted societal structure, even with all of its celebrated media outlets and their sympathetic communication subsidiaries, starting with the machine of political propaganda designed to encourage progressive "thought" in regards to its governmental practices throughout, even and including its foreign policy viewpoints, can America find the lofty goal of securing its peoples "faith," having always fallen miserably short its intent?....[more]


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