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g8 (18K)Underdevelopment, Oppression, Hypocrisy: The Wests' Crimes Against Africa

Einstein, Socrates, Darwin; no philosopher, historian, scholar; political, economic, or social analyst past or present, or that has ever crept from under the cranium of Western thought, could ever justify or deny - within the aptitude of human comprehension - the crimes done to the continent of Africa by people of European persuasion.

The so-called G8 Summit, in which the world's richest countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, (the G-6, 1975), Canada (the G-7, 1976), and Russia (not participating in all events), as well as the European Union), agree to write off the debt owed by 18 mainly African countries, is a most fraudulent undertaking seeing these very countries gained their riches mainly from the resources of Africa.

This audaciousness fueled with a serious case of denial and arrogance whereby these countries have, by their unwavering greed, underdeveloped, oppressed, and afterward claim that Africa owes them, is a criminal offense that a mere child can recognize and thereby judge.

In a similar scenario, a man walks into another man's home, eats his food (refurbishing his health), beats his children and ravishes his wife (satisfying his perverted egomaniacal needs), then drains his bank account to fund his own selfish empirical goals.

Afterward, when the man and his family have suffered through it all and still manages to survive off the invader's industry built by the resources of his own household, the invader turns with an insensible arrogance and apathetically offers to relieve the man and his family of debt to him. No true thinker in human history would or logically could agree that this is just.

The deception of Africa owing anything to any country that has prospered industrially or otherwise from Africa's resources has become so ingrained in the minds of the world that no one can realistically see that Africa owes no one nothing. The world is indebt to Africa, chiefly the West, for use of its many precious resources, historical enlightenment, and great discoveries.

The West, primarily, is due for trial for the crimes against a nation. The robbery, underdevelopment, oppression and rape of its culture, people, and history: spiritual murderers and liars they are, filled with madness pouring from their fallacious notions of world domination.

Not many Black representatives of Africa nor the U.S. realizes that Black people should not feel obligated to repay any illegitimate debt to a people who stand where they stand because of the African Soil.

If there is an effort to rationalize this madness and put it into its proper perspective today, it comes in the words of one African leader who says, "The commission needs to go a lot further to encourage business and trade, which were downplayed in favour of debt relief and aid. It missed a real opportunity to stress trade and economic development through business and trade" (

Instead of moving toward development of Africa, the West would rather attach the label of debtors to the continent because they do not want to compete with Africa on a legal and just scale, but would rather deal underhandedly with her. This is the mark of a true autocrat, enemy, and con artist.

Many of Euro-thinking would suppose that anyone should repay debts if someone grants them a loan, and this is correct by the standards of natural law, however, how can one justify repaying someone who stole the money for the loan from the very people they made the loan to in the first place?

The Bible says, "owe no man nothing," which does not necessarily mean monetary debt, but the possession of a mind-set that comes along with owing, which is a burden of oppression. As long as a person believes they owe, they will carry that burden around until they are released from the debt or until they die.

Africa and Black America will remain dead to finance until we realize and walk upright with the knowledge that in essence, we owe no man nothing, especially the man who robbed us.

© June 2005 by CR Hamilton

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